Improved Antique Moving Method

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Improved Antique Moving Method

Perfect Moving & Storage Improves Antique Moving Method

Local New York City moving and storage company, Perfect Moving & Storage, recently announced its improved antique moving service that transports fragile items in a safe and secure manner so they arrive at their new destination scratch free.

Perfect Moving has been transporting fragile antiques since the company first formed over a decade ago, yet recently Perfect Moving improved their antique moving technique to further ensure customers’ belongings arrive in one piece, and in top condition.

“I have been evaluating our methods of transporting porcelain, fragile heirlooms, furniture – items that have been collected and kept in top form over the years. These items have both an emotional and monetary value that for the most part is hard to replace,” said founder of Perfect Moving, Rock Katnic. “After some thorough tests and trial-and-error we were able to modernize our method of moving antiques.”

Perfect Moving cares about the safety of its customers’ belongings, yet when it comes to relocating special items like fragile porcelains, family heirlooms, valuable antiques and other delicate items, movers must approach the move with additional care.

The advanced antique moving service includes dispatching to the moving site experienced Perfect Movers who are knowledgeable about how each piece should be prepared and packed. Perfect Moving employees use packing materials that ensure maximum protection. These materials include double-and triple-walled cartons, stretch/cushioning wraps, packing tape, fine tissue and paper.
Our movers then load the fragile items into wooden crates that are suited for delicate pieces such as crystal chandeliers, porcelain items, and other valuables. Perfect moving employees then transport the crates onto specialized moving carts that are eventually delivered to the new destination. Throughout the entire improved process, we ensure all fragile items remain scratch free and in one piece.
“Perfect Moving does all it can to ensure the items reach the destination in perfect condition,” Katnic said.
In a recent example, Perfect Moving & Storage displayed its improved antique moving service to a Maplewood antique store owner who called on us to move his shop across town.
“It was an intricate project because Steven had hundreds of antiques lying around his crowded store. Our movers had to display added patience and care when packing his belongings,” Rock said.
Perfect Moving implemented the new and improved antique moving service instructions. Within one day the movers packed the store’s contents and relocated the shop to its new destination. All the items were safely moved and unpacked. Within no time the shop owner was able to run his business as usual.

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