Make Your Long-Distance Move a Breeze With These Tips

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Make Your Long-Distance Move a Breeze With These Tips

Long-Distance Moving

The phrase “long distance moving” sends chills down the spines of home and business owners across the country. It’s no secret; long-distance moving is a nightmare regardless of whether you’re switching business premises or moving to a new home. Apart from the stress of actually moving the items, there’s also the worry that all your stuff will get to its destination in one piece. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right company.
Today, we’ll be highlighting a few priceless long-distance moving tips to make your long-distance move a lot easier. So let’s get right into it.

Adequately Plan for Your Move

Long-distance moving is incredibly frustrating but more so if you don’t plan adequately for the move. Remember, you’re moving all or most of your belongings hundreds of miles away. If you don’t plan correctly, you’ll be left to pick up the pieces when everything goes wrong.
Make sure you make adequate moving preparations the moment you decide to move. If possible, Involve your friends and family in the planning process. Then, write down all your plans and keep reviewing them every once in a while.

Create an Inventory for Items You Own

Since you’re moving hundreds of miles away, you can’t forget a single item, especially if it’s important. That’s why it’s a good idea to create an inventory of all your belongings. Doing so helps you sort out all your items and ensures you don’t forget anything while moving.
Explore every room one by one, and write down every household item in each room. Write down even the items you don’t plan to take with you; you’ll sort that out much later. Also, consider downloading a smartphone app to help compile your house inventory. Later, you’ll break down and organise all your items into four categories: Take, Donate, Sell, and Recycle.

Try Breaking Down Large Items Into Smaller Pieces

Large items like furniture and other equipment can break down into smaller pieces. Consider breaking them down into small pieces to make them easier to pack. Do this for your bookshelf, bed frame, and other items. Just ensure you keep all the bolts and nuts safe for when it’s time to reassemble them.

Account for Distance When Packing Your Items

All your belongings will travel a long distance before you can unpack them. Because of this distance, your items will need special attention when packing. For instance, make sure you group all fragile items and wrap them in bubble wrap to keep them from breaking under forceful impact. Also, notify the movers about fragile items so they can be cautious with them.

Find a Moving Company With Long-Distance Moving Experience

You can get away with winging it while moving a few items; however, for long-distance moving, you’ll need a moving company. The good news is a simple Google search will expose you to hundreds of moving companies eager to do your bidding. The problem is finding one that has extensive experience with long-distance moving.
Find a company with a good track record of handling long-distance removals. Request estimates from different companies to find one that matches your budget. However, don’t settle for the company with the cheapest quote. They’re likely to have subpar services, and you’ll end up getting what you pay for. Instead, look for a company with a reasonable estimate that aligns with your budget, not too cheap and not too expensive.

Move During Off-Season

Most people in the US move during the summer, which most moving companies call the peak season. Moving rates skyrocket during peak season, so moving companies can take full advantage of the increased demand. However, if you want to save a little cash, consider moving during the off-season. During the off-season, demand plummets, which means moving companies have better rates.
Consider moving between November and May, so you pay reduced prices for the moving services. Plus, most movers are available during this period, unlike peak season when most of them get booked.

Moving Soon? Let Us Help You Out

The above tips should put you on the right track when planning your long-distance move. Be sure to take them all to heart for seamless long-distance moving.
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