Read me for a Perfect Thanksgiving

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Read me for a Perfect Thanksgiving

A few words of thanks

What a time of year we’ve arrived at! November is a beautiful month: both a time of active change and time to reflect on what brought those changes, and why we should be thankful for all of the wonderful things which we have. There is so much in life for us all to be thankful for.
And there is so much that we are thankful for here at Perfect Moving. We want to deeply and personally thank every one of our wonderful employees, in all sectors of the company. We wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of you. We also want to thank our beloved customers. You are so important to us, and, just like our employees, we consider you all to be family. Thank you for choosing us to be your movers.

Big November days to be thankful for

We’re full-swing into the fall season and boy do we have a bunch of classic holidays to celebrate it with! Whether it’s Thanksgiving with the family, special days for the US of A, or holy events of the Christian and athletics kind, November is a month to truly sit back, relax, and give thanks. Here are just a few of the great days that we get to look forward to this month!
Moving on NYC Marathon Day
On your marks, get set, go! This legendary athletic feat of endurance attracts viewers in NYC and around the world to see the world’s best long-distance runners compete for glory.
Election Day
Are you proud to be an American? Of course you are! Well, show it this election day by doing your civic duty and keeping the fiber of American democracy going strong.
Marine Corps Birthday
HooRah! On this Marine Corps birthday, we salute our nation’s elite soldiers who give their all and more every day to keep us and our values safe from harm!
Veterans' Day
We honor our veterans and the hard work and sacrifices which they have made. Our beautiful country and lives wouldn’t be the same without them. Thank you.
Children's Day
We understand and we are there to move you and your family to your dream tomorrow, so that you can raise your children in their ideal space, and you can begin in no time at all.
Thanksgiving Day
Gobble Gobble! This Thanksgiving, we take a step back from the chaos of life to spend quality time with our family and loved ones. Pass the gravy!
Moving on American Heritage Day
This day is about honoring the history, heritage and legacy of the various Native American tribes who gave and still give so much to our great nation!
Black Friday
On your marks, get set, save! Black Friday is here with a wild abundance of amazing deals on so many of your favorite items…just careful of the stampede.
Prepare for Thanksgiving Break
What a weekend to be thankful for! You get your family, friends, a delicious and hearty meal, great football, and a long weekend?! God bless America.
First Sunday of Advent
Honor both the Nativity and Ascension of Christ into Heaven this First Sunday of Advent. May a holy day be had by all.
Cyber Monday
Thought Black Friday was a bit outdated? Then let’s get digital! On Cyber Monday look forward to amazing deals on all things tech, digital, and electronic.
Nellie Tayloe Ross' Birthday
To close out November, we celebrate and honor US Hero and Feminist Icon Nellie Tayloe Ross, who, in 1929, became the first female governor of a US State.

Perfect moving tips

Autumn moving tips

Preparation is key before any big move, but it is all the more so depending on what time of year you find yourself in, especially getting into the fall. There are a few Autumn-centric tips to help you move better, and dare we say…perfectly.

Dress (both you and your items) for success.

Autumn means colder weather, and an outside world scattered with leaves, dirt, rain, and whatever else your town may bring. Make sure you wear comfortable but warm clothing, and make sure all of your items are packaged in a sealed manner so nothing gets wet or damaged outside.

You know what? Dress Your Lawn, Too.

And we don’t just mean with festive Thanksgiving decorations, that’ll come after the move. Make sure your lawn/driveway/front yard is clean and cleared of leaves, mud, and debris so your movers can have a simple and easy trek moving all of your belongings.

Job opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect new job or career change? Well, you need look no further, because Perfect Moving has the perfect career waiting just for you? We offer great pay and benefits, a flexible schedule, and incredible work advancement opportunities, all the while part of a winning yet progressive and equal opportunity organization.
Are you a hard worker, motivated, and want to help good people above all else? It’s time you joined like minded, compassionate, dedicated people, and become a part of the Perfect Moving Family.
Here are a few current, open positions that would be Perfect for you and your future:
Perfect Moving


Are you a natural leader who has previous industry experience as a foreman? Come to Perfect Moving and get the opportunity to lead our moving teams the right way! Come with patience, confidence, and those leadership skills to lead our team the right way.

Perfect Moving


Is your happy place on the road? Come be a driver for us and make those big moves a reality for our customers! Truck driving experience and valid license are prerequisites.

Perfect Moving


Want to get in on the real moving action and help our customers get those moving jobs done? Become a Perfect Moving Helper, no experience needed! Be ready for a good workout and even better customer service!

Perfect Moving


Are you a natural salesman who wants to help get the Perfect word out there to help even more people move? Join our sales team! Come ready with a sharp attitude, even sharper sales skills, and all of the self confidence you’ve got!

Perfect Moving


Interested in working behind the scenes and making the whole operation come together smoothly? Come work in our administrative department! If you have previous experience, bring your most driven and professional demeanor, and help us make things happen!

Perfect Moving with a side of gravy

November is a very happening time of year, and we don’t just mean all of the trees working diligently and around the clock to change the colors of their foliage to the delight of entire families and neighborhoods. November is both a time of active change and time to reflect on what brought those changes and why we should both bless that change, while blessing and being thankful for what has stayed consistent.
And Now we have something even better for all to be thankful for: our Referral Program! And it’s so simple! Refer a friend, and if they end up using our services, you get a 10% commission on their next local move or a 5% commission on their next long-distance move!
And when you need help with that big move itself, remember that you have an extra family you can turn to: Perfect Moving. We’re there to help out and move you wherever and whatever the circumstances, because we care about our customers and because we’re thankful for you. How can we show our thanks even more? Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free quote for your next big move!
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