Read this for a Perfect 2023

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Read this for a Perfect 2023

Cheers to a greater 2023

Happy New Year to all of our readers! New Year, new you, right? The prospect of a new year ahead is such an exciting one for so many reasons, no matter how positive or negative the context. You had a fantastic, productive 2022? Amazing! Continue it into 2023 and make it even better; keep on climbing that ladder.
You had an average or poor 2022? That’s also alright. With the new year comes new opportunities, a new sense of motivation, and a newer, better, more successful version of yourself for the years ahead. You can do it!
We at Perfect Moving want to give the warmest winter thank you to all of our wonderful employees, friends, family, and our beloved customers. We could not be more excited for all that 2023 has to bring, especially given that we’ll be doing it with you all.

Start the New Year right: January dates

New you, you times, new you! What if everyone around the United States, and around the entire world took up that great January mantra and put in the time to improve themselves as they should. What a beautiful place that would be. Let’s get the best start we can with all of these great January holidays, events, and dates.
Moving on New Year's Day

Moving onNew Year's Day

New Year’s Day: New Year, new opportunities, new you. Are there things from the previous year that you wish to improve on? Well, no better time than the present.
Moving on Estelle Reel Day

Moving onEstelle Reel Day

We celebrate and honor Estelle Reel, the first woman to hold Federal Office in the history of the United States. What a role model and trail blazer; be sure to take the time and read more about her extraordinary life.
Moving on End of Christmas Day

Moving onEnd of Christmas

It’s time to put away (and hopefully recycle) the tree, pack up the stockings and decorations, and say goodbye to Santa until next year. Now we can live the rest of the year with Christmas joy!
Moving on Orthodox Christmas Day

Moving onOrthodox Christmas Day

It’s not the December 25th celebration you may be accustomed to, but it’s no less jolly! Today, the Christian Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas and honor the Nativity.
Moving on Stephen Foster Memorial Day

Moving onStephen Foster Memorial Day

Stephen Foster wrote many American classic tunes that we still hum and sing centuries after his passing. Today we honor him and his gifts to American society and culture.
Moving on Orthodox New Year's day

Moving onOrthodox New Year Day

The Eastern Orthodox Church follows the Julian Calendar, which celebrates its next New Year on January 14th.
Moving on Civil Rights Day

Moving onCivil Rights Day

On Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, we celebrate Civil Rights Day, celebrating the Civil Rights Movement and our fight for the equal treatment and deserved respect of all Americans and people.
Moving on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Moving onMartin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. was an American legend, a bastion of hope for all people who were and are not treated as equals in our society.
Moving on Lunar New Year Day

Moving onLunar New Year

This marks the Beginning of the Lunar Year. Many cultures and religions around the world revolve their calendar around the moon. Who says the moon doesn’t get its time to shine?
Moving on Kansas Day

Moving onKansas Day

We’re not in Kansas anymore! Ok, you might not be in Kansas at all, but today we celebrate Kansas’ acceptance into the Union back in 1861.

Fresh, new January moving tips

Tips for choosing the right storage facility

Like any big decision in life which involves your money and your possessions, choosing the right storage facility and the right unit is not one to take lightly. Take the time to choose the best one for you. Here’s how:

Take the extra step when researching

Be sure that you read reviews, call to ask important questions, such as size of the units, amounts of security, payment plans, and insurance options. That being said, choosing the right storage facility for you is possible, especially with Perfect Moving!

Don’t skimp on security

In terms of physical security, our facilities are air-tight. We have trained guards always on duty, as well as 24/7 video surveillance inside and out. Each unit also is both padlocked and requires a key and electronic code to access. We also make sure the entire facility is kept pristinely clean and sanitized every day, and work with an extermination team to ensure no insects or other animals ever have a chance to infiltrate.

Job opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect new job or career change? Well, you need look no further, because Perfect Moving has the perfect career waiting just for you? We offer great pay and benefits, a flexible schedule, and incredible work advancement opportunities, all the while part of a winning yet progressive and equal opportunity organization.
Are you a hard worker, motivated, and want to help good people above all else? It’s time you joined like minded, compassionate, dedicated people, and become a part of the Perfect Moving Family.
Here are a few current, open positions that would be Perfect for you and your future:
Perfect Moving


Are you a natural leader who has previous industry experience as a foreman? Come to Perfect Moving and get the opportunity to lead our moving teams the right way! Come with patience, confidence, and those leadership skills to lead our team the right way.

Perfect Moving


Is your happy place on the road? Come be a driver for us and make those big moves a reality for our customers! Truck driving experience and valid license are prerequisites.

Perfect Moving


Want to get in on the real moving action and help our customers get those moving jobs done? Become a Perfect Moving Helper, no experience needed! Be ready for a good workout and even better customer service!

Perfect Moving


Are you a natural salesman who wants to help get the Perfect word out there to help even more people move? Join our sales team! Come ready with a sharp attitude, even sharper sales skills, and all of the self confidence you’ve got!

Perfect Moving


Interested in working behind the scenes and making the whole operation come together smoothly? Come work in our administrative department! If you have previous experience, bring your most driven and professional demeanor, and help us make things happen!

The end, but just the beginning

New Year’s beginnings are always such an exciting and nervous time. You know you want to achieve and receive great things, but that first big step is always so unsure. However, when that first step is a big move, you can make it sure with Perfect Moving. Call us now and receive a free quote to get your next big move started.
And is there really a better way to start the new year than by helping a friend AND receiving easy money? When you Refer us to a friend and they end up using our services, you’ll receive a 10% commission on their local move or 5% commission on their long distance move. Now you and they both can start off the year so much better. It pays to be a good friend with Perfect Moving!
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