Read this for a Perfect Spring

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Read this for a Perfect Spring

Marching into Spring with Perfect Moving

The Ides of March are upon us! There is no better time to March on down to your new home and move your things with confidence! Actually, we can do all of the marching needed, as well as the moving, heavy lifting, organizing, etc. As the Spring season just starts to begin, ending a long, cold winter, it’s time to change the seasons with a change of scenery. Et tu, Brutus?
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of those nearest and dearest to our hearts, here at Perfect Moving. Thank you to our Perfect, professional, and immaculate team. Thank you to our individual families and to all of our friends, readers, and supporters, and a huge Perfect Moving thank you goes out to all of our customers. We wouldn’t be here without you.

The real Ides of March: special March dates

March is one important month! Besides the official move from winter to spring (no more snow!) March is filled with important celebratory days, holidays, and fun times all around! Here are some important March days for all to enjoy.
Moving on First Day of Irish American Heritage Month

Moving onFirst Day of Irish American Heritage Month

We now start a whole month of appreciating and celebrating Irish American History and the past, present, and future of Irish Americans.
Moving on St. David's Day

Moving onSt. David's Day

St. David’s Day commemorates the life and achievements of the legendary St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales who dedicated his life to move Christianity into Wales.
Moving on First Day of Women's History Month

Moving onFirst Day of Women's History Month

Women make up over half of our planet, innovate for us, lead us, keep us going, and move us forward. Let’s all take this time to celebrate and honor them, as they so very deserve.
Moving on Read Across America Day

Moving onRead Across America Day

Knowledge is power, and Read Across America Day celebrates the thirst for knowledge and growth of American reading.
Moving on Texas Independence Day

Moving onTexas Independence Day

On this day in 1836, Texas signed the Treaty of Velasco to form the Republic of Texas, which would later become the Lone Star State. Just remember, everything is bigger in Texas!
Moving on Employee Appreciation Day

Moving onEmployee Appreciation Day

On Employee Appreciation Day, we celebrate all of our nation’s workers, the cogs in an intricate machine that keep it going day in and day out. You are appreciated and loved.
Moving on Purim

Moving onPurim

Purim, it’s so much more than the ‘Jewish Halloween’! As the old Jewish adage goes “They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!”
Moving on Holi

Moving onHoli

Oh Holi, Holi day! On Holi, Hindus worldwide celebrate the beginning of Spring and triumph of good over evil with beautiful, colorful, community-wide celebrations!
Moving on Evacuation Day

Moving onEvacuation Day

Evacuation Day is a regional celebratory day commemorating the British Troops surrendering and leaving Boston for good in the Revolutionary War.
Moving on St. Patrick's Day

Moving onSt. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick is a Saint and Irish hero, bringing Christianity to Ireland centuries ago (while banishing the snakes!)
Moving on March Equinox

Moving onMarch Equinox

Spring has sprung! It’s a magical time of year: seasons are changing, and the frost of winter is now melting and giving way to new life.
Moving on Ramadan

Moving onRamadan

Ramadan Kareem to all those observing! Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, commemorating Muhammed’s revelation of truths from Allah.
Moving on Puppy Day

Moving onPuppy Day

What kind of cold-blooded monster doesn’t love puppies? Today is an entire official day to show our love and affection for our little furry friends and celebrate all they provide us.
Moving on Maryland Day

Moving onMaryland Day

Maryland Day is here! We celebrate this date when, in 1634, settlers from Europe first inhabited this magnificent state. Pass the crabcakes!
Moving on Seward's Day

Moving onSeward's Day

No, this day is no folly! Today, we celebrate William Seward and his purchase of the vast territory which would become Alaska and an essential part of our history.
Moving on National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Moving onNational Vietnam War Veterans Day

Over 2.5 million of our troops served in the American military during the Vietnam War. This is our day to honor them and their enormous sacrifices.
Moving on Doctors' Day

Moving onDoctors' Day

On Doctors’ Day we celebrate all of the men and women who work through the clock and give their own blood, sweat, and tears to keep our nation and individuals healthy.
Moving on César Chávez Day

Moving onCésar Chávez Day

On this day, we celebrate and honor Cesar Chavez: an American icon and the ultimate hero of workers’ rights.

March on forward with these moving tips

Spring tips for your Spring moves

It appears that Spring has finally sprung! Are you ready for that big Spring move you’ve been dreaming about and planning? Perfect! Just remember, just because the weather is finally getting a bit warmer and more pleasant, doesn’t mean that the move shouldn’t be carefully planned and proceeded with carefully. Here are some tips!

Spring to planning

Be sure, especially with the Springtime, to plan your moves ahead and to schedule it ahead of time with your mover of choice (like CompanyName!) The beginning of Spring is a time where, generally, many people are looking to move and rent moving services, so openings may be scarcer than usual.

Leave it better than you found it

Also, since someone is going to be moving into your home after you move out of it and into your new one, it is the courteous and correct thing to do to make sure your home is clean and pristine for its next inhabitants. Now that’s some real spring cleaning! Also, be aware of nature’s interferences. When moving, be extra cautious that rain and pollen don’t get on your valuables.

Job opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect new job or career change? Well, you need look no further, because Perfect Moving has the perfect career waiting just for you? We offer great pay and benefits, a flexible schedule, and incredible work advancement opportunities, all the while part of a winning yet progressive and equal opportunity organization.
Are you a hard worker, motivated, and want to help good people above all else? It’s time you joined like minded, compassionate, dedicated people, and become a part of the Perfect Moving Family.
Here are a few current, open positions that would be Perfect for you and your future:
Perfect Moving


Are you a natural leader who has previous industry experience as a foreman? Come to Perfect Moving and get the opportunity to lead our moving teams the right way! Come with patience, confidence, and those leadership skills to lead our team the right way.

Perfect Moving


Is your happy place on the road? Come be a driver for us and make those big moves a reality for our customers! Truck driving experience and valid license are prerequisites.

Perfect Moving


Want to get in on the real moving action and help our customers get those moving jobs done? Become a Perfect Moving Helper, no experience needed! Be ready for a good workout and even better customer service!

Perfect Moving


Are you a natural salesman who wants to help get the Perfect word out there to help even more people move? Join our sales team! Come ready with a sharp attitude, even sharper sales skills, and all of the self confidence you’ve got!

Perfect Moving


Interested in working behind the scenes and making the whole operation come together smoothly? Come work in our administrative department! If you have previous experience, bring your most driven and professional demeanor, and help us make things happen!

End of Newsletter, beginning of Spring

The Ides of March is one of history’s greater examples of not how to treat a friend properly. But, don’t let that stain your impression of this beautiful month! In fact, Perfect Moving is looking to get positive friendships back to being associated with March, and we’d love for you to help. If you Refer a friend, and they decide to move with us, you’ll get a 10% commission on their next local move or a 5% commission on their next move!
Are you all as excited to welcome in the Spring as we are at Perfect Moving? Amazing! (We assume, of course, that you said ‘yes’, and emphatically.) Take that opportunity of a new season as a chance to start anew and finally do that big move that you’ve been planning and dreaming of. Go and give us a call today, and we’ll give you a free quote for your next big move!
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