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Short month, perfect sized newsletter

A fantastic & fun February to all

February may have the distinction of the fewest days out of any month in the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less great! One month into the new year and you already get to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, and Mardi Gras? What a party! And if any of those New Year’s resolutions haven’t quite come to fruition yet, rest assured that February is a great time to really get those kicked into high gear.
Let’s get together and celebrate February the right way. How do we do that? Well, let’s start off by thanking all of those nearest and dearest to us, of course. A huge Perfect Moving thank you goes out to our fantastic and indispensable moving and administrative team, our friends and family, and, of course, our lovely and beloved customers. Thank you so much!

Short month, big events: great February dates

We might have a shorter month on our hands (even with a potential Leap Year), but that doesn’t mean February isn’t packed with exciting and special events and holidays. Whether it is Presidents’ Day, the Super Bowl, or Valentine’s Day that get you all fluttery and excited, February is here to show why it’s so special.
Moving on Black History Month

Moving onBeginning of Black History Month

Black History Month celebrates African Americans and their vital and integral part of our nation’s history.
Moving on Black History Month

Moving onNational Freedom Day

National Freedom Day commemorates the signing and ratifying of the 13th Ammendment, officially ending slavery in the United States.
Moving on Groundhog Day

Moving onGroundhog Day

Are you all ready for six more weeks of Winter? Maybe, for once, Punxsutawney Phil will let us have some Spring early. Or maybe we’ll try again next year.
Moving on Wear Red Day

Moving onNational Wear Red Day

Heart disease is one of the biggest health risks and killers in the United States, year after year. National Wear Red Day addresses the issue head-on, and urges people to do their research and try to combat disease with healthier living.
Moving on Rosa Parks Day

Moving onRosa Parks Day

Rosa Parks is an American Civil Rights legend and icon, showing strength, will, and determination for human equality when she refused to leave her seat on that Montgomery bus in 1955.
Moving on Tu Bishvat

Moving onTu Bishvat

Happy Birthday to the Trees! Tu Bishvat is the Jewish Holiday celebrating the ‘Birthday of the Trees’ and all that is beautiful and flourishing about nature.
Moving on Ronald Reagan Day

Moving onRonald Reagan Day

Together, we honor Ronald Reagan, one of our nation’s legends and most beloved presidents. Tear that wall down!
Moving on Georgia Day

Moving onGeorgia Day

Georgia Day is here to celebrate the state’s first settlers back in 1733. What a history! Isn’t it just peachy?
Moving on Lincoln's Birthday

Moving onLincoln's Day

There is arguably no greater American hero and icon than Abraham Lincoln. This is the man who ended slavery, saved our Union, and paved the way for the nation we are today.
Moving on Superbowl Day

Moving onSuper Bowl Day

The Super Bowl is the most watched American event on television each and every year. Even if your favorite team isn’t playing, or even if you can’t stand sports and just want the commercials, you’re likely watching.
Moving on Valentine's Day

Moving onValentine's Day

Love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day, celebrate true love and well-deserved adoration and affection.
Moving on Susan B Anthony's Birthday

Moving onSusan B. Anthony's Birthday

Susan B. Anthony was an instrumental part of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, showing dedication for equality and justice in her fair for women’s rights in a time where it was not yet the norm.
Moving on Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

Moving onElizabeth Peratrovich Day

We honor Elizabeth Peratrovich, who worked tirelessly for the cause of American Native Peoples in her home of Alaska.
Moving on Isra and Mi'raj Day

Moving onIsra and Mi'raj

Isra and Mi’raj commemorate when Allah took the Prophet Muhammed on his holy journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and then straight to Heaven.
Moving on Maha Shivaratri Day

Moving onMaha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri is the Hindu holiday celebrating Shiva, one of the focal Gods of the religion and one of both mighty strength and benevolence.
Moving on President's Day

Moving onPresidents' Day

Presidents’ Day is just around the corner, so get ready to honor our greatest leaders and have that weekend off!
Moving on Mardi Gras

Moving onShrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is coming, the party of the year for many, especially in Cajun Country! Did you know the name actually means ‘Fat Tuesday’?
Moving on George Rogers Clark Day

Moving onGeorge Rogers Clark Day

We now celebrate George Rogers Clark, the highest ranking American officer of the Northwest during the Revolutionary War.
Moving on Linus Pauling Day

Moving onLinus Pauling Day

Linus Pauling Day celebrates an American legend who created great strides in the fields of both science and social activism.

February moving tips to send your heart aflutter

Tips for moving in with a spouse (for the 1st time)

You’re finally moving in with your spouse! What a new, thrilling, and exciting time! If there are nerves too, though, we completely understand. Both a relationship and a move are serious and intense matters, let alone both of them together. So, here are a few tips to help the happy couple.

It’s a no pressure program

First off, neither of you should feel pressure to move in together right now, whether it’s from the other spouse, friends, family, etc. Make sure moving in together is as a result of deliberate and patient conversation and not a rushed decision. Also, be sure to listen to one another. This is sound advice for anyone in any stage of a relationship, but when picking a first home together, couples should hear their partner’s desires, so that the two of them can come to a sound and mature, responsible agreement.

Communication is also crucial

Both partners should be happy with the home, comfortable with the price, and create a detailed and outlined plan on who pays for what, how much are each of them paying for which things, how the apartment should be decorated and dealt with aesthetically, and who’s going to be the one doing all of the repairs (maybe one is especially handy).

Job opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect new job or career change? Well, you need look no further, because Perfect Moving has the perfect career waiting just for you? We offer great pay and benefits, a flexible schedule, and incredible work advancement opportunities, all the while part of a winning yet progressive and equal opportunity organization.
Are you a hard worker, motivated, and want to help good people above all else? It’s time you joined like minded, compassionate, dedicated people, and become a part of the Perfect Moving Family.
Here are a few current, open positions that would be Perfect for you and your future:
Perfect Moving


Are you a natural leader who has previous industry experience as a foreman? Come to Perfect Moving and get the opportunity to lead our moving teams the right way! Come with patience, confidence, and those leadership skills to lead our team the right way.

Perfect Moving


Is your happy place on the road? Come be a driver for us and make those big moves a reality for our customers! Truck driving experience and valid license are prerequisites.

Perfect Moving


Want to get in on the real moving action and help our customers get those moving jobs done? Become a Perfect Moving Helper, no experience needed! Be ready for a good workout and even better customer service!

Perfect Moving


Are you a natural salesman who wants to help get the Perfect word out there to help even more people move? Join our sales team! Come ready with a sharp attitude, even sharper sales skills, and all of the self confidence you’ve got!

Perfect Moving


Interested in working behind the scenes and making the whole operation come together smoothly? Come work in our administrative department! If you have previous experience, bring your most driven and professional demeanor, and help us make things happen!

Concluding this lovely date

Falling in love already this February? Fantastic! We’re pretty stoked about you as well! If you’re still undecided on whether to go through with your New Year’s resolutions last month regarding that big move, now is the time to do it! Call us now and receive a free quote to get your next big move started!
And do you want to hear something you’ll love even more?We thought so! When you Refer us to a friend (or acquaintance, we won’t pry) and they end up using our services, you’ll receive a 10% commission on their local move or 5% commission on their long distance move. It pays to be a good friend with Perfect Moving!
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