We wish you a perfect Christmas

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We wish you a perfect Christmas

The Perfect Holiday Cheer

Ho Ho Ho! Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like moving! This December, it’s time us all at Perfect Moving got into the holiday spirit. So, we’re here to do our part and lend a helping hand! This year we’ve proven that Santa has nothing on us when it comes to traversing America spreading cheer, and to that we say thank you.
Thank you to both our beloved families, both employees and customers alike. We wouldn’t be who we were without each and every one of you, and we wish you all the happiest of holidays, the best end to 2022, and an amazing and meaningful 2023. Let’s move together.

Ending the year off in style: December’s big days

What a year and what a great month of holidays to end the year off with. What better way to end 2022 than with a lovely Christmas (or Hanukkah) holiday with the family, and then sending it off with a real bang on New Year’s Eve. And those are just a few of the events that line a packed and exciting winter season. What else does December have in store for us? Here’s a list.
Delaware Day

Moving onDelaware Day

Did you know that Delaware was the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights? Delaware Day celebrates the founding of that small but mighty and important US State!
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Moving onPearl Harbor Remembrance Day

On this day we commemorate and honor the 2,403 brave heroes of the US Armed Forces killed in 1941 on the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Moving onFeast of the Immaculate Conception

What an Immaculate day it is! Today we honor and celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, which gave us Jesus Christ. What a moment in history!
Wyoming Day

Moving onWyoming Day

Another day to celebrate a small (at least in population) but great state! On this date, Wyoming celebrates its history, natural beauty, and place in American lore.
Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe

Moving onFeast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Ariba! The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a celebration of Christianity in Mexico and of Mexico’s religious history and pride.
National Guard Birthday

Moving onNational Guard Birthday

Would you believe that the National Guard was created on this day, all the way back in 1636? Well, believe, and celebrate it and their contributions to our security and safety!
Bill of Rights Day

Moving onBill of Rights Day

We The People…celebrate the Bill of Rights today, a backbone of American law, civil liberties, and human rights. What a significant day.
Pan American Aviation Day

Moving onPan American Aviation Day

Take to the skies on Pan American Aviation Day! We celebrate the aviation industry, and what it has brought to the American people and culture.
Wright Brothers Day

Moving onWright Brothers Day

Humanity only dreamed of the power of flight before the Wright Brothers took to the skies on this date over a century ago in Kitty Hawk.
Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day)

Moving onHanukkah (1st Day)

Happy Hanukkah! However your family spells it, celebrate Hanukkah with the Jewish people this year as a symbolism of unity, fairness, and the power of good over evil.
December Solstice

Moving onHanukkah (1st Day)

It may be the shortest day of the year but it’s no less significant! Celebrate the beginning of Winter with the December Solstice!
Christmas Eve

Moving onChristmas Eve

Ho Ho Ho! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas again! No wonder the whole town has suddenly gone up with such holiday cheer.
Christmas Day

Moving onChristmas Day

Excited to unwrap presents under the tree with your family again this year? We sure are! Just make sure to save us some eggnog!
Last Day of Hanukkah

Moving onHanukkah (Last Day)

Celebrate the miracles of Hanukkah this year! All 8 nights are equally cherished and important!
New Year's Eve Observed

Moving onNew Years Eve

Well, that was some year, wasn’t it? Make sure that this New Year’s Eve, you really end it off in style. Time to get ready for 2023!

December’s frosty moving tips

Tips for ideal holiday moving…and cheer

Happy Holidays and happy moving to all of our customers! Don’t let your big December move cause you and your loved ones any unneeded stress: we have some tips to make your move safe and jolly!

Plan well for the holidays

There are a few reasons you should be even more extra careful into planning your move near the holidays. One: it is a busy, happening time of year right now, so make sure your mover has the time free (so easy with Perfect Movers!) and that your come can be safely completed before the fun starts. No need to risk a Christmas not fully packed into your new home.

But expect the unexpected

But remember, Mother Nature may always have other plans. You may plan perfectly but an unexpected monsoon or snowstorm hits the area. If so, contact your mover immediately when finding out so you all can plan safely and accordingly.

Make your new home live-in ready

You’re moving into a new home, so of course it should be made ready to live in! And we don’t just mean your moved belongings. It may well be downright freezing outside, so before everything gets moved in, make sure you get that new house heated and ready. It will make life easier for the movers and for you and your family afterwards!

Job opportunities

Are you looking for the perfect new job or career change? Well, you need look no further, because Perfect Moving has the perfect career waiting just for you? We offer great pay and benefits, a flexible schedule, and incredible work advancement opportunities, all the while part of a winning yet progressive and equal opportunity organization.
Are you a hard worker, motivated, and want to help good people above all else? It’s time you joined like minded, compassionate, dedicated people, and become a part of the Perfect Moving Family.
Here are a few current, open positions that would be Perfect for you and your future:
Perfect Moving


Are you a natural leader who has previous industry experience as a foreman? Come to Perfect Moving and get the opportunity to lead our moving teams the right way! Come with patience, confidence, and those leadership skills to lead our team the right way.

Perfect Moving


Is your happy place on the road? Come be a driver for us and make those big moves a reality for our customers! Truck driving experience and valid license are prerequisites.

Perfect Moving


Want to get in on the real moving action and help our customers get those moving jobs done? Become a Perfect Moving Helper, no experience needed! Be ready for a good workout and even better customer service!

Perfect Moving


Are you a natural salesman who wants to help get the Perfect word out there to help even more people move? Join our sales team! Come ready with a sharp attitude, even sharper sales skills, and all of the self confidence you’ve got!

Perfect Moving


Interested in working behind the scenes and making the whole operation come together smoothly? Come work in our administrative department! If you have previous experience, bring your most driven and professional demeanor, and help us make things happen!

A Perfect Christmas to all, and to all a good night

Feeling cold out there in the winter frost? At Perfect Moving, we’re just as jolly and good-spirited as anyone sitting in the cozy warmth of their fireplace! Any physical cold or tiredness out there moving is immediately melted away by the thought of helping our beloved customers and spreading holiday cheer. We know a big move is stressful any time of year, but even more so during an already busy and happening holiday season.
So, we’re here to do our part and lend a helping hand! We’ll gather our reindeer, hitch up that sleigh, and move all of your items with ease and efficiency. We’ll have you and your family moved, settled, and ready for the holidays in style, because that’s the Christmas spirit and that’s the Perfect Moving way. Do you want an early Christmas gift this year? Call us now and receive a free quote to get your next big move started!
And this year, we’re also here to help you be someone’s (not so) Secret Santa! Why keep the good cheer and festivities of a Perfect Move all to yourself? So, this holiday season, when you Refer us to a friend (or even acquaintance, we won’t pry) and they end up using our services, you’ll receive a 10% commission on their next local move or a 5% commission on their next long distance move! Merry Christmas!
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