New Customer Service Strategy Yields Extraordinarily High Customer Satisfaction Rate

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New Customer Service Strategy Yields Extraordinarily High Customer Satisfaction Rate

Perfect Moving!

Leading Tri-State moving company, Perfect Moving & Storage develops a new customer service strategy, generating 99.9% satisfaction. The company’s flawless record has alluded to an increase in profits for the firm.
Moving companies around America are striving to perfect their strategies, and generate positive reviews by their customers. Perfect Moving & Storage has recently devised a new strategy offering their customers personalized moving services. Since its implementation, the service has been proven to yield a very high customer satisfaction rate.
Perfect Moving added ‘Personalized Planning’ to their service options. The Personalized Planning service is described to customize service plans for customers based on their individual moving and storage needs. The company hired a team of ‘Planning Coordinators’ and trained them extensively. The planning coordinators were trained to create different service packages for different scenarios. The coordinators learned how to intertwine Perfect Moving’s various services, while simultaneously factoring in the customers’ preferences, budget, and status.

How It Works

Upon submitting a quote on the Perfect Moving website, customers’ are contacted by a Planning Coordinator. After speaking with the client, and learning about him/her as an individual, the planning coordinator devises three or more different service packages. The client then has options to choose from, and feels as if they had a substantial say in the process.
“My customized planner was beyond helpful. I told her how I have a full time job, and three kids, and she added packing/unpacking services to my plan. When I told her how I had a Pool Table and Antiques, she assigned specialty movers, experienced in pool table moving, for my move. Throughout my moving process, I worked with my planning coordinator. Her detailed moving schedule consisted of exact timing, services, and pricing. The movers followed her schedule very carefully, and I experienced the perfect move.” said customer Carol Knolles.
Perfect Moving is always thinking of new ways to better their services, and perfect their strategies. They pride themselves on their quality service, and professional conduct. “This service is one that I am very proud of. While it doesn’t directly benefit us, it succeeds in benefiting our clients and alludes to their customer service satisfaction. Our main goal at Perfect Moving and Storage is making our customers happy. This new service does just that, and I could not be more proud.” said President Rock Katnic.
Perfect Moving monitored their customer satisfaction rates by providing each customer with a short questionnaire regarding their experience. Hundreds of customers have used the service since its launching, and 89% of them reported to have been more than satisfied. Perfect Moving also checked their satisfaction rates via their various social media platforms. Platforms such as Yelp, Facebook and Google had positive reports regarding Perfect Moving and their customer service, granting them an extraordinarily high customer satisfaction rate with an average star rating of 5 out of 5.

About Perfect Moving

Perfect Moving & Storage has been leaders in the moving business for years and offers high quality moving and storage services of all types. Its benevolent services have helped various organizations, schools, and individual community members tremendously. Many non profit organizations have reviewed Perfect Moving as ‘irreplaceable assets to our community’ and ‘the moving company with the biggest heart’. Perfect Moving strives to be more than just a moving and storage company; rather, it yearns to be active members of its community.
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