New Moving Method Leads to Quality Preservation

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New Moving Method Leads to Quality Preservation

Professional Pool-Table Movers

Top New York mover, Perfect Moving & Storage creates a new specialty moving method that has yet to fail. The efficiency and quality rates have led to an increase in the company’s demand for specialty moving services.

Pool Table Moving is a term created in order to describe a method of transporting customers’ pool tables to their new locations. On their website, Perfect Moving states that they have a very specific Pool Table Moving method. Recently, however, the company has devised a new Pool Table Moving strategy, with an extremely high productivity rate.
The idea of Pool Table Moving could seem rather simple, but the architecture of pool tables actually makes it very difficult. In fact, many people are unaware that the moving and re-assembly of a pool table must be done by a professional Pool Table mover and installer. Usually made out of rich wood, pool tables are both very heavy and fragile, and come in three types. Pool tables exist of one piece slates, two piece slates, and three piece slates. “It is essential when moving a pool table, that all the felt comes off, and that each slate is created.” Says Perfect Mover Rush.
One piece slates are the hardest to move, and so many companies do not get involved with it due to the weight of the item. Perfect Moving is one of the only movers to have perfected its one slate moving services, and effectively moves one slate pool tables.
Perfect Moving holds workshops where the movers discuss specific occurrences, and propose new ways to perfect their moving strategies. In the last meeting, a Perfect mover testified to having trouble with the existing pool table moving method. He stated that the existing method had one flaw, and that was its placement in the truck could allude to chipping in the slate. Recognizing that not all of New York’s roads are flat surfaced, the mover thought that placing the pool tables on the trucks, without any support, could cause damages.
As a result, the movers strategized a new method, where they would place the table on the right side of the truck, and use shims to level the slates melt beeswax where the pieces meet to insure a smooth gaming surface. The President of Perfect Moving & Storage suggested that each Pool Table Moving project should be provided with a supervisor, from that point forward. “By sending a Pool Table Moving supervisor, I knew that all of our Pool Table Moving endeavors would run smoothly. Having someone oversee a special moving process is an important aspect of effective moving. I am so glad to have such a participating staff.” said President Rock Katnic.
The new method has been in effect for only three months, and has already proven its success. All Perfect Movers around the tri-state area learned the new method. Since its implementation, Perfect Moving has moved close to 13 pool tables, all of which arrived safely in their new homes. Perfect Movers monitored the status of the tables by scrutinizing and documenting the conditions of each pool table before and after the moving process. All the pool tables moved in these three months endured a safe, and scratch-less, journey.

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Perfect Moving & Storage has been leaders in the moving business for years and offers high quality moving and storage services of all types. Its benevolent services have helped various organizations, schools, and individual community members tremendously. Many non profit organizations have reviewed Perfect Moving as ‘irreplaceable assets to our community’ and ‘the moving company with the biggest heart’. Perfect Moving strives to be more than just a moving and storage company; rather, it yearns to be active members of its community.