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The science behind laboratory moving

The Optimal Moving Solution for Your Lab

Laboratories and medical offices call for great expertise when it comes to moving. We appreciate how sensitive and delicate your instruments and machines are, and we take extraordinary precaution with each item we transport to guarantee you a smooth and successful relocation. We fully customize our medical and laboratory moving services to fit your precise needs.

We have relocated hundreds of labs and medical offices with superb results and have worked hard to become New York’s most trusted movers for high-value goods. We offer both domestic and international moving and storage for your equipment, so please get in touch with us now and/or fill out the quote form to begin planning your lab or medical facility relocation.

The Perfect Lab Move

We assist you in coordinating every aspect of your Lab move

Pre-Move Planning

The right move plan makes a big difference in the success of your medical facility or lab moving cost and timeline. We’ll work with you to customize a plan to address your needs, including safety procedures and packing instructions for our team as well as your end users to ensure the move process is seamless.

Lab Move Management

Whether you are moving a small lab or multiple medical facilities, you’ll have great peace of mind knowing our lab moving team is here to manage the entire project, making sure we use the right moving equipment, packing materials, as well as assigning the right manpower for the job.

Laboratory Moving Day

The day of your lab move shouldn’t have to be stressful with last minute surprises and chaos. We have the best trained crew in the industry to execute your office move. Our project manager will be there to monitor the move and provide you with updates throughout the process.

Post Move Support

As your team settles into the new space, there could be additional changes and reconfigurations required. We’re here to help make sure you and your team are taken care of, and that your business is up and running with as minimal disruption and downtime as possible.

Lab Relocation is a service we specialize in

We have refined the laboratory relocation process down to a science. Our rigorously trained professionals utilize professional packing and crating techniques and high quality industrial moving equipment to carry out successful laboratory moves. We ensure that your equipment is securely packed, loaded, transported and unloaded onto your premises using our air ride suspension vehicles, hatchbacks and other equipment. We also provide our customers with professional equipment installation and arrangement services. Ensure yourself a successful move by choosing us–after all, your patients and scientific research depends on it.

We know that time is a critical factor when it comes to your laboratory, which is why we ensure the execution of your lab is conducted promptly and with zero mishaps. Whether you need to relocate microscopes, curing units, MRI machines, lasers, surgical chairs or virtually anything else, including sensitive sample specimens, we will be there for you to coordinate a flawless relocation. Computers and office supplies, likewise, will be relocated with the utmost care and professionalism. We are the experts in transferring high-value machines and equipment. Don’t risk losing time, data, or equipment; contact the experts that have nearly a century of moving experience. Call us now or please fill out the online quote form, and we will promptly get in touch with you.
Perfect Moving

How do we make the difference

The right equipment

Our crew arrives with the proper tools and equipment for the task. They use the most advanced methods to guarantee that all of your equipment is handled and transported safely. We operate using cutting-edge moving equipment and technology that ensures the safekeeping of your equipment.

Crews with skills

Our team is fully trained to handle your most precious and sensitive equipment. From ultrasound machines to amalgamators, we know how to safely pack up and transport various types of laboratory or medical peices of equipment so that you can get straight back to work when we’re finished with ours.


We fully customize our moving and storage services to fit each individual client. Every type of laboratory or medical facility requires its own particular relocation strategy, which is why we always strive to deliver you a customized, optimized relocation that saves you time and money, and protects your equipment.

Packers with experience

Our movers are also excellent packers. Take lights, for example – Our movers may utilize pad wraps or boxes, depending on the kind and size of the lamp. fragile items are packed within boxes with lots of protecting material to keep them secure during shipping. There’s always a better method to pack for a move, and our experts bring these strategies to you for your convenience and peace of mind.

Stress-Free Move

Most people face a myriad of problems when they move, leading to stress, and in extreme cases, depression. But if you put all the work in the hands of professionals, you can get all the work done perfectly, even without having to lift a finger. Our lab movers will do the job for you in a whirlwind of teamwork and effectiveness.

Perfect Moving - Peace of Mind from the Get-Go

Make the Perfect Move!

Professional Laboratory Movers

Our lab moving services save your time and money

We provide lab moves, inventory management & control and logistics for laboratories.

As NYC’s most preferred lab and biotech mover, Perfect Moving is trusted by some of the world’s leading medical and biotech companies. Our lab movers have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly handle your most sensitive lab equipment. We specialize in lab moving services, including handling case goods, glassware, electronics, as well as sensitive and heavy medical equipment. We have the flexibility to work with you to achieve your expectations.
When you need to move one or multiple labs, reliability counts. As a preferred lab mover for many reputable organizations, we perform both research and commercial lab relocations. We ensure your sensitive equipment and irreplaceable work in progress are handled and moved with care so that everything remains intact and confidential.

What's Involved With Your Lab Move

Our lab movers have the expertise you need to ensure your business continues running smoothly while you’re planning for the move and when you’re settling into a new location. Our lab moving services include:
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Perfect Moving - Peace of Mind from the Get-Go

Make the Perfect Move!