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We specialize in hot tub relocation, removal & providing a delivery service for both new and used hot tubs. We’ve been doing it for over a decade and use the latest specialist equipment and fully trained engineers.

Perhaps you’ve bought a second-hand hot tub and want it delivered and installed professionally, or maybe you want to move your spa to a new home. We are the hot tub mover you can trust.

We currently do not provide Hot Tub moving services in New York City. Unfortunately, if you need to to move a hot tub, we cannot help.

The Perfect Hot Tub Move

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You only get one shot for a successful hot tub move. Indeed, just one slip-up could result in a frustrating and expensive situation. Avoid risks by calling in the reliable, experienced professionals at Perfect Moving.

reasonable Rates

Even though hot tubs may cost a whole lot, we don’t think that moving them should, too. We’re transparent from the onset about our prices, so there are no surprises down the road.


Our movers are the experts on all things moving. They know exactly how to manage hazards when it comes to hot tub moves, and they know how to deliver you the perfect move you seek.


We are pleased to be able to offer you a degree of flexibility when it comes to planning your ideal hot tub move. We offer flexible payment and pricing options, scheduling options and much more.


Our mission is to ensure that your are 100 % satisfied with our hot tub moving and storage options. We will work diligently until you are entirely satisfied with our work.

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The Perfect Hot Tub Moving Process

Hot Tubs are one of the bulkiest items and often one of the most commonly requested items we are asked to move. After all, your hot tub represents a sizable investment and leaving it behind for someone else to enjoy would be a shame. Plus, after a big move, your hot tub is a great place for you to spend some time unwinding.
It is important to note that transporting and loading a hot tub onto a moving truck is not without it’s fair share of hassles. Due to the tremendous weight of a hot tub, the technical skill needed to safely drain it and disconnect it from electric sources, plus it’s extreme sensitivity to jostling movements, moving a hot tub requires careful planning.
That’s where Perfect Moving comes in, as a specialist in Hot Tub relocation, we will provide the proper planning, preparation, brainpower, and muscle to make sure it is transported safely to your new home. Our Moving Consultants and move teams have relocated dozens of hot tubs throughout NYC and Miami. We have devised, developed, and carried out some of the most arduous projects. Let our Moving Consultant provide you with a move plan and quote that takes the uncertainty and complication out of your upcoming hot tub relocation.
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Pre-Move Survey

The first step to a successful Hot Tub Relocation will require a visit from one of our Moving Consultants to perform a pre-move survey. Our Moving Consultant will visit your current home and the new location where you would like the hot tub delivered. He will answer questions and identify key information about the move that will help us prepare the proper equipment and manpower to complete the relocation.

During the pre-move survey our Moving Consultant will review the following:
The construction of a hot tub can vary greatly, so our Moving Consultant will want to identify the dealer or manufacturer. He will then review and identify the equipment pack, including the heater, filters, pump, blower, electrical and plumbing units. This will provide the Moving Consultant with the ability to research and see if the dealer recommends removing the equipment pack, draining it, and packing it into a separate box. Conversely, for some hot tub models, it is recommended that the equipment pack be left attached to the shell of the hot tub. All of this information can be obtained with a phone call to the manufacturer or dealer.
Possible Obstructions
Our Moving Consultant will identify the current and new location where the hot tub will be delivered. He will look for possible obstructions including the deck railing, the grade of the backyard and side yard, and any landscaping that could interfere with the loading or delivery of the hot tub. Once he has this information; he will be able to build a move plan, making sure to reserve the right equipment and manpower for your specific move. It is possible that our Moving Consultant will see potential issues or hazards that would make moving your hot tub overly challenging and could result in damage to your property or hot tub. If so, he will advise you of any potential moving methods that we could utilize in an attempt to mitigate damages. On hot tub moves that are deemed overly challenging or high risk, the Moving Consultant will ask you to sign a waiver form prior to the move. The waiver form is a document that confirms that you have been informed of possible damages to your property or hot tub and that Perfect Moving would not be held responsible for any damages that may occur during the relocation of your hot tub.
Condition, Weight & Valuation
Our Moving Consultant will review the current condition of your hot tub and identify any areas of wear or concern. The weight of the Hot Tub will help determine the number of movers and equipment that may be required to lift or position the hot tub during pick-up and delivery. Also, it is important to note that Perfect Moving is limited to .60 cents per pound per article unless a higher released value is declared in writing by you prior to the move. For additional valuation options, you may purchase a separate relocation insurance policy through an approved 3rd party vendors.
Drain Review
Our Moving Consultant will confirm that your hot tub is drained or will inform you that it will need to be completely drained prior to your move. If you do not have experience draining it yourself, you can either call the dealer to make arrangements or obtain instructions on doing it yourself. Most hot tubs are equipped with a hose bibb drain that attaches directly to a garden hose. After draining, a hot tub typically still contains about five or six gallons of water. You should use a wet-dry vac to remove the remaining water so it does not spill and damage your surrounding carpeting and/or floor during the move.
Move Date
The season that you choose to move your hot tub can greatly affect the preparation and planning for your move. For instance, the condition of the ground will make a big difference in how the hot tub is removed or delivered. When the ground is soft, our Moving Consultant may recommend that we use 3/4 “plywood to build a walkway to and from your hot tub. Also, if you are moving when freezing temperatures are possible during the move, the entire plumbing system should be drained by a high-pressure vacuum. This will eliminate potential damage to the pipes. You should not attempt to do this yourself. Instead, it is recommended that you contact your hot tub dealer to assist in these services.
Truck & Equipment
As you have learned, each hot tub move contains a unique set of challenges. Our Moving Consultant will reserve the appropriate equipment and truck for your particular hot tub. Your hot tub may be transported using a moving trailer or a flatbed trailer. All of our moving trucks are equipped with air suspension to ensure the safest ride for your hot tub.

Pre-Planning is Key to a Perfect Move

Remember, pre-planning is the key ingredient to the successful relocation of your hot tub. Not only is special equipment needed to transport the hot tub, but the sheer cost you initially paid for the hot tub should be enough to convince you to hire experts. So call us now and let our Moving Consultant build a move plan and quote that takes uncertainty and complication out of the process. You can rest assured knowing that we treat your hot tub with care.
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The characteristics of a hot tub determine the appropriate packing solution. Movers consider the physical needs of each tub and select a packaging method proven to work:

Proper packaging techniques reduce the risk of damage by supporting the work and eliminating excessive movement and shifting.

Packaging, Securing & Crating Hot Tubs

At Perfect Moving, our strict, time-tested methods are used for the meticulous planning, packing, crating and handling of all items to ensure their stability and safety offering our clients complete peace of mind whilst in transit.

Hot Tub Transportation and Logistics

Perfect Moving offers you secure, reliable and cost effective transportation and logistics services locally, nationally and internationally.

Insurance Coverage for Hot Tubs

We do everything we can to ensure the safety and security of your hot tub. We can make insurance available that will cover it from point of origin to point of destination.

Perfect Moving - Peace of Mind from the Get-Go

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a purpose-built Spa Dolly, which are suitable to transport hot tubs. They are ideal for home deliveries and collections as they suit access to most houses, so you do not have to worry about a large lorry turning up. This method of moving will suit any hot tub.
We send 2 people with the expertise to quickly and safely move your tub. Or if you want to save money we are very happy to use your help for a reduced fee. If you think extra labor will be required to move the tub through difficult areas then we can supply extra labor if requested but this will increase the price as we budget hot tub moves on one or two people.
The hot tub will be moved onto its end and placed on a special trolley called a Spa Kart. The tub is then wheeled out of position on the Spa Kart, and loaded onto our vehicle. After transportation, the hot tub is unloaded and wheeled into its new position on the Spa Kart. Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is suitable access for the spa to be wheeled on the Spa Kart at the origin address, and the destination address.
You should expect to disconnect the power and drain your hot tub before moving. Draining and disconnection is not included in most hot tub moving services, although exceptions do exist. If you are shipping your hot tub out of state, draining your spa yourself will give you the opportunity to remove all the water you can and letting it dry out to ensure that no trapped water can leaks onto your other possessions in transit.

One of the fears that you may have when considering moving your spa is that it will become damaged during transit. Although this is possible, there is no need to worry. We are fully licensed and insured moving company and we carry insurance that covers at least a portion of your property in case of damage. We also offer additional insurance that will cover the full price of your possessions.

In order to access the full protection of this insurance, you should inquire about the options beforehand. You should also take photos to thoroughly document the condition of your spa before the move. While this extra preparation may be a hassle, it can give you piece of mind in case of accidents with your spa.

There are some reasons that you might not want to move your spa. A spa can add value to your home. If you’re selling your home, you may want to leave the spa there to make it more appealing to buyers. If your hot tub is more than a few years old, it may be lacking some of the technological innovations and features of newer spas. You may want to save on moving costs and put the money towards a new upgraded hot tub with the latest features instead. Intriguingly, if you’re staying in your home or moving to a different house in the same city, you may be able to save both on the costs of moving your spa and on the price of a new spa at the same time.
Perfect Moving - Peace of Mind from the Get-Go

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