Alaska Day

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Alaska Day

Juneau These are the Best Movers Around! Or Service as Sleek as the Tundra!

In 1867, Senator Seward made the bold and calculated move to purchase the territory of Alaska from Russia, leading the way to what would become the 49th and largest US State. At the time he was ridiculed, cast-aside, and looked down on for paying a large sum of money for what was perceived to be a frozen tundra, a wasteland far north. However, soon oil and gold were found, hordes flocked to inhabit the new territory, and Alaska today is as historically integral to the United States as any other.
Seward knew that looks and hearsay don’t mean everything, one must have a true sense of what their long-term goals are in order to make big decisions. You may feel the same in your own life and decisions. You may not be moving to the literal Final Frontier, but it may seem like a complicated choice when choosing the right Final Frontier for you and your family to reside.

Don’t let others get to you! Do your research, pick your right home, and remember that the biggest folly would be going through all that and then picking the wrong movers! We at Perfect Moving will be here to work with you and move your and your family to your own Great Northern Lights! Call today for a free quote!