Armed Forces Day

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Armed Forces Day

Moving To Battle

On Armed Forces Day, we honor and commemorate all of the brave men and women who make and have made up our Armed Forces. Throughout the last two and a half centuries and to this day, their tireless work, endless devotion, and sacrifice have made our country safe, free, and able to be the beacon of good that it is today. To our servicemen and women, we salute you and we thank you. You are our heroes, and the real masters of the move.

Perfect Moving also salutes the hard work and dedication it must take our service members to move all of what is required in the military across untold stretches of land, often at a mere moment’s notice. Moving your own gear is difficult, but moving entire bases worth of gear, rations, weapons, and vehicles requires a herculean effort from all involved.

Not that we’re not up for the challenge, of course, but thankfully you’re likely not moving an army base next time you’re thinking of calling a mover. But that doesn’t mean your move is simple or easy. Perfect Moving understands that any move can feel like moving an entire battalion, so when you need to move yours, we’re here to help.
Our team of movers will help make your move, quick, efficient, and with all of your treasures in perfect shape.

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