Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Move-O

Quick fact check before we begin: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day (that’s later, in September). Rather, on Cinco de Mayo we celebrate and commemorate Mexico’s valiant and heroic military victory over the French army who, two centuries ago, were trying to take over parts of the Mexican homeland. Ever since that victory, Mexicans (and untold others) worldwide have taken this event to celebrate and honor Mexican culture and history (and tequila).
Well, today we’ll move you into victory in battle and get you to start celebrating! Your next big move may feel like a huge project, with planning, packing, physical moving, and organizing in the new home, but we at Perfect Moving are here to take all of that stress away and get you to partying in the new abode!
Our dedicated team of movers will be there to lead the entire moving process, getting you and your things to your new home with speed, efficiency, and with the utmost and highest level of professionalism. You may think you’ve come to battle, but you’ll be celebrating before you know it!
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