Frances Xavier Cabrini Day

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Frances Xavier Cabrini Day

Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Thy Movers Come

Frances Xavier Cabrini can be looked at as an ultimate immigrant success story. Coming over to the United States from Italy as a young woman, she spent her entire adult life in piety and good deeds, helping out endless poor and needy people and becoming the first ever US citizen canonized as a Catholic Saint decades later. She shows us that the greatest success and immortality comes from a deep desire to go out and help our fellow man, especially when they are in need.

She shows us all that the path of good deeds and righteousness is all one needs to live a long and fulfilling life and to be admired afterwards for generations to come. At Perfect Moving, we salute this American hero and use her and her life as an inspiration to ourselves and to our own work.

While we’re not yet looking to Sainthood, we hope that we can use St. Frances Cabrini’s memory for our own mission of good: helping people who need to get moved to their new home at affordable prices and service that can’t be beat at any price. We love our team and our business, but as we learn on this day, the most important thing in life is helping others, and we plan to stand by that. Call today and receive a free quote for your upcoming move!