George Rogers Clark Day

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George Rogers Clark Day

Moving Out to Indiana to Fight! (Or Just Down the Street)

Did you know that the Revolutionary War and its battles stretched much farther out West than many know? How about all the way out to what today is Indiana? Well, they did! And fighting out in those parts played a crucial part in diminishing British power and eventually giving America the victory and the beginning of our nation!
Today, we honor George Rogers Clark, a Revolutionary War hero who defeated the British out West (ok, Midwest), helping seal our nation’s birth and victory.
Are you looking to head out west to join with your brothers in arms and fight the British? Are you looking to blaze the trail and discover new territories? Well then, George Rogers Clark is the right man for you!

Sadly, you’re reading this in 2022 and this all occurred 250 years ago, but if you’re still looking to move out west, whether to Indiana to fight life’s monotonous times, or just down the block to retreat from the war against your neighbor’s incessant music playing, then Perfect Moving is the one for you! No matter the destination or purpose, we will deliver the highest quality moving at the best prices, every time.

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