Good Neighbor Day

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Good Neighbor Day

Could I Borrow a Cup of Sugar (and a Moving Van)?

You love your neighbors, right? Everyone does! Of course everyone loves their neighbors! It says to do so right there in the Good Book. Your neighbors are always there for you. Who else do you go to when you need a cup of sugar or flour, need a good new book to read over the weekend, want a buddy for fishing, or someone to babysit the kids while you and the spouse go for a night out. How could you live without them? That’s what we’re celebrating this good neighbor day, celebrating your neighborhood family you didn’t choose but still get blessed with.
Who else is there to complain about your music playing during normal hours yet blast heavy metal into the throngs of the night? Who else stinks up your adjacent backyards with their fish-smoker while continually losing their pet rodents who always seem to make their way to your kitchen? Who else practices their holiday caroling in the summer at your doorstep and continually tries to rope you into conversation about aliens running over government?

You know what, maybe you need new neighbors. Call Perfect Moving today for a free estimate on the most professional (and discreet) moving service around.