Hanukkah (first day)

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Hanukkah (first day)

Hanukkah Grooving, Maccabee Moving!

Have you ever felt intimidated, worried, or utterly terrified and small by a large and daunting upcoming move? Well, you can find some inspiration by taking a look back into near ancient history with the Jewish Maccabees and their fight against the mighty Ancient Greeks. The Maccabees may have been outmanned, out-powered, and with the odds clearly stacked against them, but they worked through the impossible.

With great strategy, teamwork, and a superhuman work ethic and will to fight and succeed, they overthrew the Greek invaders of Israel and took back their kingdom. They retook what was theirs and did so victoriously.

Now, we at Perfect Moving are not saying that your next move is an epic fight between warring forces, battling out to see who survives. (That’s Tax Day or Super Bowl Sunday). However, to the average person, family, or even small company, a big move may seem like a daunting, intimidating, and formidable foe.

Well, no longer. Our Perfect Moving team is here to help you along, step by step throughout the entire moving process, get it done thoroughly but swiftly, and leave you feeling victorious in battle. Call today for a free quote!