Harvey Milk Day

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Harvey Milk Day

Moving the Trails Blazed By Our Heroes

Harvey Milk is an American national, social, and political hero, and an LGBT icon in the purest sense. Taking work on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Milk became the first ever openly gay American to officially serve in public office. He bravely blazed the trail for a plethora of future LGBT Americans to chase their dreams and not be afraid to reach for positions of power and influence.
Milk was a loud and bold personality, and was not afraid to let his voice and opinions be heard loud and clear in political spheres and in the public eye. He would talk about varying social ills of the day and potential remedy with a self-proclaimed aura of theatrics and character which he knew would get the attention he needed to help make the necessary changes San Francisco was desperate to implement.
In our massive and eternal respect for Milk, we at Perfect Moving won’t try to copy those brash voices and theatrics, just the motives behind them. We won’t put on a show or sing from the rooftops to entice you with our services, but we will certainly let our track record of impeccable and professional, efficient service and fair prices (not to mention happy customers) speak for themselves.
No matter who you are and where you stand in life, we respect and accept you and are thrilled and looking forward to helping you with your next move.
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