Hawaii Statehood Day

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Hawaii Statehood Day

Aloha State of Mind, Perfect Move Ahead!

August 18th is a day where we celebrate and honor the beautiful, tropical paradise of Hawaii, the last state to join the Union in 1959. The rich culture, stunning landscapes, and inherent “Aloha Spirit” that defines the Hawaiians became an official part of the United States tapestry. The Aloha Spirit, for those who may not know, is a unique way of living, the Hawaiian way to treat others with love, peace, and compassion.

Now, while Perfect Moving may not be able to relocate you to a lush Hawaiian island (though, wouldn’t that be nice?), we do embody that same Aloha Spirit in our approach to moving services. Imagine your move being infused with that kindness, respect, and warmth that defines Hawaiian culture. That’s how we approach every move, making it as stress-free and as smooth as the calm waters of a Hawaiian beach at sunrise.

We’re all about bringing a little slice of paradise to your moving day. How? Through our dedication to professionalism, efficiency, and of course, a hefty dose of that Aloha Spirit. Like a gentle Hawaiian breeze, we’ll swoop in and handle everything from packing to transport, easing your transition to your new home.

Your perfect move is just a call away, with the same warmth and friendliness you’d find on a sun-soaked Hawaiian beach. Book your relocation on Hawaii Statehood Day and embody the Aloha Spirit with a cool 10% discount. Trust Perfect Moving to make your move more of a tropical breeze and less of a mainland storm.
Book your move for August 18th and receive a 10% discount.