Indigenous People's Day

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Indigenous People's Day

First Nations, First Moving

On Indigenous People’s Day, the people of Canada honor all of their lands native tribes and people, all of their contributions to the state, and all of the tribulations and unfair circumstances they were put through over the years. They have withstood generations of icy cold conditions, colonial cruelty, and have come through stronger and prouder than ever and keeping Canada the illustrious and successful nation that they are today. They couldn’t have done it without you!

While Perfect Moving hasn’t caught up to speed with all traditional moving techniques from North of the Border (we still use trucks instead of dog and sled), we pride ourselves in learning from others and take away from Canada and its natives. We so strongly admire their technique, their determination, their work ethic, and their resilience.

And don’t think that any cold or adverse weather will stop us during your next big move, or even slow us down! No! Our dedicated team of movers will be there, rain, snow, or shine, to get all of your treasures moved safely, easily, and stress-free for you and your family.

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