June Solstice

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June Solstice

Long Day, Short Move

The June (or Summer) Solstice has two big distinctions which make it an extra special day. One, it’s the first official day of summer! It’s time to bring out the beachwear and umbrellas (the fun kind, don’t worry), and head over the surf to enjoy that vacation. And you can enjoy even more of it because, 2, this day is the longest day of the year in terms of sunshine. You get the best of both worlds! Fun in the sun and then even more time to enjoy it!

However, when it comes to your next big move with Perfect Moving, the amount of sunlight in a day, or anything about the day, does not matter. We’ll help you create efficient goals and deadlines for moving depending on the situation, and if you’re in a bind and need a same-day or overnight move done right, we’re there for you then too! Our team is there to make sure your move is not just done quickly, but also professionally, efficiently, and with everything in one piece and safe.

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