Kentucky Oaks

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Kentucky Oaks

Kentucky Oaks, Let’s Get Moving Folks!

It’s that time of year again, everyone! Everyone’s favorite sport, social, and gambling event has come around, all in one! You know which event we’re talking about! It’s the horse race of the year, the event of the season, it’s Kentucky’s pride and joy, it’s…not the Kentucky Derby? No, folks, it’s the Oaks! The Kentucky Oaks! And just because this famous race doesn’t seem to carry the public recognition that its Derby brother carries, does not mean that it’s not as exciting and glorious.
At Perfect Moving, we’re here to give you both Kentucky Derby and Oaks! (And possibly every other race necessary). We are here to prove and show you that we will not just give all of the great service we offer, but that we will give the same impeccable, quick, and efficient moving every single time, move in and move out. Every move, no matter how big or how minimal, will be treated with the same energy, care, and quality. Think you and your next big move deserve that kind of treatment?
Give us a call, get a free quote, and let’s get moving!