Lag Baomer

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Lag Baomer

Light Up Your Next Move!

Lag Baomer is the Hebrew Holiday of Fire: countless Jews and Jewish communities worldwide celebrate the day with large bonfires, prayer, singing, and dancing. It’s a common custom to write notes of things you would like to rid yourself of and purify yourself, and throw those right into the fire, for it to be the one that metaphorically cleanses you. What would you throw into the fire? Bad habits? Old negative memories? Parts of you that you wish you could leave behind?
We at Perfect Moving can take a pretty good guess at what you’d most like to toss into the fire: all of those negative memories from moves and movers past. All of those times you were stressed and bogged down by that big move, when you had movers who didn’t do their jobs as well as they could have, and when you overpaid for underwhelming service.
We get it; it happens to everyone. Thankfully, you have one less item for the bonfire when you give us a call! Get ready to move to your dream home with professional, efficient, and honest movers who will give you the best first step of your new life!
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