Last Day of Hanukkah

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Last Day of Hanukkah

With our Service and Prices, it’s a Hanukkah Miracle

Hanukkah is a time of joy and miracles for the Jewish people, and for all people worldwide. By the end of the historical holiday, the Maccabees have vanquished the mighty Greeks, and the Jews returned to their Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple in Jerusalem was the center, the space where their religious needs were met, their ceremonies performed, and their people united.

At the forefront of the Temple was the 7 branched Menorah lamp, which, every day, was filled with oil and lit to signify the Jewish presence. Post-fighting, the Jews scavenged the Temple for holy olive oil to light the Menorah, but they only found a small jar with enough for one day. Then came the Hanukkah miracle! That one jar of oil lit the Menorah for 8 days, which we signify in the holidays to this day.

This year, there may be no war or giant Menorah to light in the Temple, but the 8 days of Hanukkah are still with us. You may think that your next move will be pricey, complicated, and will take far too long, but not with Perfect Moving! With our trained and dedicated team of movers, your next move will be stress-free, reliable, and professional, even if you’re restocking the entire Temple! And with affordable prices, what a Hanukkah miracle in the modern age! So, when you and your family have your Temple to reach and don’t have a Temple’s worth of money to spend, get the same amount of quality and more with Perfect Moving.