Last Day of Sukkot

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Last Day of Sukkot

We’re Here to Help You Reach Your Promised Land!

After fleeing the throngs of slavery in the land of Egypt, the Ancient Israelites had the long and arduous journey of crossing the desert on thor way to the promised land. To stay safe in the desert they resided in special huts, which the Jewish people to this day commemorate by building temporary huts in the evening where they feast and celebrate their collective history.
It must have been quite the task for families in the desert: moving and then carrying your home and belongings on your backs, just to move again later when the camp decides to. Bit of a hassle, what a schlepp.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be like that anymore! One, you (probably) don’t have your entire neighborhood packing up and moving to the nearest desert location and making you follow them. But, even if your nomad clan took you with them the hassle of the move doesn’t have to be yours anymore! Just call Perfect Moving!

We’ll trek through the desert, find your family’s hut, and do all of the work for you, start to finish. We’ll help you get to your new Promised Land in no time! Call now for a free quote!