Lei Day

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Lei Day

Lei-ing Down Your Next Move

It’s very possible you’ve seen the Lei, the colorful, bright, necklace of flowers which has become an integral symbol of Hawaii and Hawaiian culture and arts. But, it’s very possible you don’t know all there is to know about this flowery island symbol of pride and joy. Did you know that every single one of the Hawaiian islands has their own distinct style of Lei, with unique patterns and colors? Or that the Lei itself represents a greeting of harmony and peace, which is why it is often given to visitors when greeting them.
It may not at all appear so at first glance, but the flowery lei is actually very similar to a big move, and to Perfect Moving! Just as the lei is extended as a symbol of greetings and peace to newcomers, so too the big move is the first greeting of a new home. Your move into a new abode is the first true experience you and your family get to have in it. So why not make it a positive one!
At Perfect Moving, we extend the moving Lei to you and offer to get you and your family moved into that dream home in peace, harmony, and good vibes. Our team will move you and your things in the most professional, efficient, and quick manner that you will see, and we will make sure that your first new home experience will be a great one.
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