Linus Pauling Day

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Linus Pauling Day

Moving & Storage! Who Said We Could Only Be Great at One?

Linus Pauling was an American hero, albeit one that may not be as well known as he should. He had an acclaimed career as an educator and as a scientist, and on top of all this was a peace and human rights activist. He even holds the distinction of receiving both the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the Nobel Peace Prize! How’s that for successful multitasking?

Not to be the ones to brag, but we at Perfect Moving like to think that we’re kind of the Linus Paulings of the moving and storage world. Why go to two different companies if you are both undertaking a big move for you and your family, AND you’re looking to put things in storage for any amount of time?

Our answer is you do not.
At Perfect Moving, we have the finest reputation in both of these important fields. On one hand, our dedicated team of movers will give you the most organized, professional, and enjoyable move you and your family could imagine, and on the other, they will also move your things into our safe, secure, and sterile storage facilities for as long as you need them there. We suppose those are both actually positive things, just as Linus Pauling would want.
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