Marine Corps Birthday

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Marine Corps Birthday

The Few, The Proud, Perfect Moving

HooRah! Since their inception even before the creation of the United States, the Marine Corps have followed a tradition and lifestyle of being the best of the best. They’re not called ‘The Few and the Proud’ for no reason: out of the many who apply every year to be part of this team, a small few can handle the rigorous and demanding path it takes to become one of the elite. On this Marine Corps birthday, we salute our nation’s elite soldiers who give their all and more every day to keep us and our values safe from harm!

Think of us as your new Moving Marines! While we might not put our cadets through a months-long course to break their body and will, we make sure every one of our team of movers is highly trained in the craft, on top of their moving game, and ready for whatever you and your family have in store for them! At Perfect Moving, we may not be literal Marines, but we can sure do our job like them.

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