National Defense Transportation Day

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National Defense Transportation Day

Moving Into Battle (Or Just to Your New Home)

On National Defense Transportation Day, we honor, celebrate, and commemorate our national defense transportation system, moving enormous amounts of highly dangerous, valuable, and classified arms, ammunition, vehicles, people, and anything else imaginable that our military needs to move. No matter how well stocked, trained, or powerful a military might be, it would be worthless if it didn’t have a good system in place to move all of its pieces around accordingly.
Perfect Moving has such admiration for America’s great defense transportation infrastructure, and we use it as a great motivation for our own business! Just like the US military, we work our hardest to move you and your treasures with the utmost care, precision, speed, and efficiency, and take the same effort that absolutely nothing gets lost, damaged, or broken.
So, next time you need someone to do that big move for you, and can’t get the US Military to do the big job, go with us! We will move you, your family, your furniture, your valuables, your fighter jets, your missiles, whatever you need to move to make that dream home of yours a real home!
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