National Freedom Day

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National Freedom Day

Freedom to Live and Freedom to Move

National Freedom Day celebrates the ratifying of the 13th Amendment, officially outlawing the barbaric practice of slavery and paving the official way for our nation of today. Freedom is not to be taken lightly, taken for granted, and, as we saw in the fight to unify our country to be a free one, freedom is certainly not free.
When celebrating one’s freedom, you may look at all aspects of life, from the most altering to the most tedious. Take some assurance and understand that no life activity is worth forgetting that you are free, in a free nation, and have all options in front of you. You may work where you choose to, eat what you choose to, choose the friends you wish, and be the person who you would like to be.
Even if some things, no matter how trivial, are of world importance when you remember that you are free to do them as you wish. Picking your daily pair of socks may seem mundane, but when you remember that you are choosing them of your own accord and will walk with them where you choose, it makes all the difference in the world.

What’s more prevalent in being free is the freedom to live where you want to. At Perfect Moving, we won’t attempt to sway that decision, but we will be there to move you and give you the kind, professional, and organized moving experience you deserve.

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