National Vietnam War Veterans Day

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National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Honoring Our Veterans and Our Future, One Move at a Time

All said and done, there were over 2.5 million US soldiers who served in some capacity during the Vietnam War. Over half a million of these soldiers were physically sent to Vietnam to fight under some of the most trying battle conditions ever experienced. Around a tenth of these young heroes sadly did not return.
We honor our veterans in spirit and with all our heart, but in reality, often they are not given the hero’s treatment back home that they deserve. Many have a hard time acclimating back to society, and without the proper attention and care being often given, they end up in horrible conditions and situations.

The least we as average citizens can do is give it our best effort to grow, to make sure our families and communities prosper so the values they fought and suffered for aren’t in vain. Work hard on your goals, spend quality time with your family, move up and advance in life, and when it’s time for your next big move to bring you up to that next stage, call Perfect Moving, whose goals are the same as yours.

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