Oklahoma Day

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Oklahoma Day

We’ll Make Sure Your Next Move is A-OK(lahoma)!

OK, Oklahoma! We see you! We recognize how important you, your history, your places, and your people are to our entire great nation! On this day, we all celebrate the day when, centuries ago, the lands of Oklahoma were opened up to moving and settlement. Thus began the journey of one of our greatest states and stories, a state which helps make America the great light that it is.
Why would one just settle for an OK Oklahoma when you could have the real, amazing, grand Oklahoma?! Maybe they should just rename it Amazing-lahoma instead, to really show off how dear the state really is to us all. Maybe that’s a bit much, but you certainly see our point.
At least with Perfect Moving, it’s clear for all to see off the bat how fantastic we are. We’re confident in ourselves as a company, and we’re confident in the service we’ll give you for your next big move! Every move and every customer receives the same great service with a smile, and an efficient, professional, and swift moving process from our trained moving staff.
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