Pascua Florida Day Observed

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Pascua Florida Day Observed

Ponce de Leon, the Original Mover & Shaker

In 1513, Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon heard legends of the fabled Fountain of Youth, a fountain whose waters would grant youthfulness and eternal life to all who indulged in them. He heard they were in a far away land in the new world and, with financing from King Ferdinand of Spain, sailed off and found what would later become the also fabled land of Florida. He may never have found the fountain of youth, but he discovered the world’s greatest retirement spot, so there’s something.
On the anniversary of his discovery, we celebrate Pascua Florida Day, celebrating new discoveries, new beginnings, and new opportunities in life. Are you searching for that new beginning? Are you looking for your own personal Fountain of Youth, something to give your life and routine that jolt it needs? Sometimes you just have to take the leap and see where you find it.

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