Rosa Parks Day

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Rosa Parks Day

Sit Your Ground, Move the Farthest

Rosa Parks is an icon and legend of American history, of the Civil Rights Movement, and of the betterment and resilience of the human race and condition. By refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus on the basis of her race, she inspired an entire boycott of the city’s bus system until outdated racist seating rules were changed, signaling a turning point for Civil Rights in the entire country.
Rosa Parks also proves without the shadow of a doubt that to make a change and to make a true, lasting difference, one does not need to be standing up, making a loud scene, or running to the forefront of a fight or historical event. Working quietly in the background, even one small thing at a time, can lead to the biggest and most important changes, even if you don’t intend it to.

While not on the level of attaining Civil Rights, don’t forget how important your next big move is for your future, and even your family’s future. Remember that this is an instance in your destiny where you may be making the biggest changes to your life without making any noise or even standing up. And when you make that decision, make sure to also go through with it in the best way. Perfect Moving will work with you through the entire move to make sure you have the best experience possible on the way to your new home. And you’ll never even need to stand up.

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