Rosh Hashana

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Rosh Hashana

It’s Apples & (Saving) Money this Rosh Hashanah with Perfect Moving!

Are you and your family feeling the pressure of the Jewish New Year? It sure makes sense: there seem to be many new beginnings all wrapped into one. You have to get ready for the holiday, your children are all starting a new year in school, your favorite TV shows are beginning their new seasons; even the weather has to remind you that the time is passing as the days start to cool.

So, this year, don’t let September 25th and Rosh Hashanah sneak up on you and your loved ones to start your Jew Year off with stress. Let Perfect Moving help you with that mess. Don’t start the new year all stagnant and with clutter! Whether your spouse is nagging you to move your extra belongings from the living room to make room for that shique new side-table set, or your in-laws complain about being cramped whenever they come to visit, your stress can now be packed up and moved away.

We know that old couches and comic book collections are absolutely only going to gain value over time; don’t let your family tell you otherwise! You can store them by us until the world is ready. Still not using that exercise bike? Make it your New Year’s Resolution to have our team pack it up, store it away, and you can start exercising when YOU feel like it. Just call us before the Shofar Blows for a free quote, and head to the High Holiday Prayers knowing that you started 5783 on the right track.