Spring Break

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Spring Break

These Savings are Going to be Quite the Party!

Spring Break! What a time to be alive. You’ve just completed a long, tiring, difficult semester, and all that matters now is to kick back and just let loose. You’ve invited your friends, your classmates, your Frat brothers, everyone you can think of to party like they’ve never partied before. Thankfully you’ve got your parents out of town so their house is now your house and it’s time to get it on.
Oh man. This is bad. It looks like you and your friends may have taken things a little too far. Things are broken, like many things. The dining table, the flat screen TV, half of the kitchen wall. That went a little too extreme; what were you all thinking?? Well, there must be a way to remedy the situation, even if you can’t save the house (maybe later, you’ll save up).

Good thing you have Perfect Moving. Not to help you with the mess itself, of course, but if you need an emergency move done in little time, we’re the ones for the job. We’re happy to do any moving job, with any time notice, and we’re happy to help unpack and pack dorm rooms as well!

Give us a call for a free quote! (And maybe tone down the party next time).