St. David's Day

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St. David's Day

Movers of a Heavenly Quality!

What a Wale(s) of a holiday! Today we celebrate the day of St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales. Saint David was not just a religious leader and visionary of Catholicism, building monasteries and communities throughout Wales, but also served as a symbol of Welsh pride and resistance for centuries to come. A true Welsh hero!

Back 1500 years ago when St. David was just David and spreading the Good Word of Christ through his home, his job could not have been so easy. Going through endless miles, building churches and schools, moving God’s vision, what a job indeed. If only he had Perfect Moving, the Vatican could have eaten their heart out.

Thankfully, you have resources that St. David never got to have! You have Perfect Moving! Whenever you decide to build up institutions for spreading the word of Christ or just moving your family to your dream home, give us a call and look forward to the most friendly service and professional service you could imagine!

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