Statehood Day

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Statehood Day

Say Aloha to That Big Move!

Aloha, friends! Today we, as Americans, celebrate Statehood Day, which commemorates Hawaii being inducted into the Union as our 50th and final state in 1959. Since then, our favorite groups of islands have become an American staple, pride, and necessity in culture, commerce, and American spirit. Hawaii and its unique island life and mix of ethnic heritages give our nation something that no other state can, and we appreciate it and all of its inhabitants for all they contribute to our country.
One fact about Hawaii, however: it is incredibly expensive to live there. Why is that? Well, because it is a set of islands, and placed so far out into the Pacific and isolated from much of the world, much of their necessities and items are imported daily from a plethora of places, often through long journeys at sea. This causes many staple items, gas, many groceries, materials, etc, to be valued much higher in Hawaii than in the rest of the United States.
Now, you may not be living in Hawaii right now, so you may not get the perfect weather and beach scenery, but you certainly should also not be paying Hawaii prices for things. It is so much cheaper and simpler to move things around here.
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