Susan B. Anthony's Birthday

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Susan B. Anthony's Birthday

A Right to Vote and A Right to Move

Susan B. Anthony is an American legend and icon, a true hero and founding Mother of feminism and reason that women today have the official legal treatment in the United States that they so deserve. She and her suffragist movement campaigned and worked tirelessly for decades to improve women’s rights in America, namely attaining the right to vote. Sadly, this was only realized after her passing and she was not privy to watch her noble dream come to fruition herself. However, her legacy lives on.
In our modern day and age, follow Susan B. Anthony’s footsteps and don’t let yourself be tied down by any person or societal stigma holding you back! If you have a dream life, career, school, or place to live which calls strongly to you, go for it! Don’t worry about what others who don’t understand may think. We all have the innate right to vote legally, be confident also in voting for yourself and your successful future.

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