Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

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Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

Founding Fathers: Movers & Shakers

Thomas Jefferson is one of the greatest of American icons. One of the Founding Fathers of our nation, he served as a diplomat to France, aiding us in the Revolutionary War, he himself wrote the Declaration of Independence, and he later served as the third president of the United States. He was a visionary, a mediator, an intellectual, a scientist, and a true American icon.
That’s a real mover: Thomas Jefferson brought over so much to the new United States. He brought European ideas of democracy and innovation, as well as weapons and military help and leadership from France. He brought in freedom and strong beginnings to our government, by helping found the country and by writing the Declaration of Independence. Much of the constructional basis of the house and home which is our nation was moved in by Mr. Jefferson.
Perfect Moving is working to follow in Jefferson’s visionary footsteps. We may not have to move in democracy, freedom, and foundations for Americans (thank you Thomas!) But even if we may not (officially) offer moving services for freedom and intellectual innovation, we will still be the most Jeffersonian we can be and move your personal treasures with the highest quality of service there is. If Jefferson himself needed a mover to get his things into Monticello, we’re confident he would choose us too.
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