Wyoming Veterans Welcome Home Day

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Wyoming Veterans Welcome Home Day

Welcome Home to Our Vets and Let’s Get Moving!

March 30th was the day that Vietnam War veterans were originally scheduled to return home to Wyoming after years of fighting and bloodshed overseas. Since then, this day has served as a day for Wyoming and others to honor all of our soldiers, and to make everyone’s homecoming as sweet and honored as we can.
Imagine the horror, however, if that had not gone as planned. You’re a soldier, an American hero, and you have spent the golden years of your life fighting a brutal war in Vietnam. After that bloody time, your dreams have been answered. You sail back to the States, you’re flown back to your home-state, you’re excited to see your family, hug your partner, taste home cooking and breathe American air.
Tears well in your eyes as you set foot on the ground in your home town and…no one is around.
You freeze, how anticlimactic. Your arrival was late and everyone had to continue on with their day.

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