Yorktown Victory Day

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Yorktown Victory Day

We’re the Revolutionaries of Good Moving!

Pretend you’re a soldier in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. It’s been a long and absolutely exhausting few years. You’re underfed, underpaid, your uniform is itchy and doesn’t even fit right, and you’re sweating bullets for half the year and freezing for the other. And it’s all to fight a cause everyone claims you have no hope to win, against the most formidable of enemies.
But wait! Slowly but surely your side is emerging victorious. You amass victory after cunning victory, and you stay alive and safe to fight in the great Battle of Yorktown. And here too, you are at last victors in war! The British have surrendered and the Continental Army has won; you have done the impossible!

You have been the greatest of heroes for your new country, and now you reap the reward: of returning tired and hungry back to camp and having to pack up and move it all away. Bummer. The work of a soldier is never done, if only you all had Perfect Moving.

You may not be in a battle for independence but you and your family still work long and hard. Let us handle your move and let you rest. Call us now for a free quote.