6 Tips for Moving a Wine Collection Safely and Securely

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6 Tips for Moving a Wine Collection Safely and Securely

Wine Collection Moving

If you’re like most wine collectors, your collection is one of your prized possessions. You probably take great care in storing and preserving your wine, but what happens when it’s time to move? Moving a wine collection can be a daunting task, but with these six tips, you can rest assured that your wines will arrive at their destination safely and securely.

The Tips

Tip #01: Know the Value of Your Collection

Before you start packing, it’s important to know the value of your collection. Not only will this help you determine which wines are most valuable and need extra care during transport, but it can also be helpful in case something happens to your wine while in transit.

Tip #02: Pack It Right

When packing your wine, it’s important to use the right materials. For example, wine should never be packed in cardboard boxes, as they are not sturdy enough and can easily break. Instead, use heavy-duty moving boxes or crates specifically designed for transporting wine.
Additionally, if you’re packing red or white wines, we recommend that you turn them upside down or on their side. This will keep the corks moist and prevent them from drying out. This will, in turn, help keep your wine from spoiling.
However, if you’re packing sparkling wines or champagnes, we recommend storing them in an upright position. This will help keep the bubbles from escaping.

More wine packing tips:

Include the power cord, any adapters or chargers, and any other accessories that you need to use your device. This will help you avoid having to search for these items when you unpack them in your new home.

Tip #03: Avoid Extreme Temperatures

One of the biggest enemies of wine is extreme temperatures. Whether it’s heat or cold, both can cause serious damage to your wine collection. That’s why it’s important to avoid exposing your wines to extreme temperatures during transport. This means keeping them out of the sun and in a cool, shady area if possible. It also means keeping them away from hot areas such as the trunk of your car on a hot day.

Tip #04: Avoid Bottle Shock

Bottle Shock is a condition that can occur when the wine is exposed to extreme fluctuations in temperature. It can cause the cork to expand and push out of the bottle, allowing air to enter the wine and spoil it. To avoid bottle shock, make sure your wine is packed and transported in a climate-controlled environment.

Tip #05: Hire Professional Wine Movers

Always hire a professional mover to move your wine. Professional movers have the experience and equipment necessary to move wine safely and securely.

Tip #06: Leave It Alone For A While After Unpacking

When you first unpack your wine, don’t open any of the bottles. Instead, give them some time to “rest” and adjust to their new environment. Then, after a few days or weeks, you can start to drink them. Also, if you notice that one of your wines has spoiled, don’t try to re-cork it and save it. Instead, throw the wine away and sanitize the bottle so that you can use it for something else.

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