How to Move your Fine Art: Tips from the Pros

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How to Move your Fine Art: Tips from the Pros

Moving Fine Art

The moving process can be a stressful time, and moving fine art is no exception. Therefore, it’s important to take precautions when moving items of significant value or sentimental significance. In this article, we’ll discuss some essential tips for moving fine art so that it arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it left. Whether moving to a new city, across the country or out of state, we’ve got you covered!

The Tips

Insure Your Artwork

Insurance is one of the most important considerations when moving fine art and other valuable items, as it will cover any damage that might occur during transit.
Make sure to get an accurate appraisal from a professional appraiser before moving day, so you know what kind of insurance coverage you’ll need!

Pack Your Art Securely Using Packing Materials Specifically Designed for Moving Art

Use packing materials specifically designed for moving art, such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts and moving blankets. This will help to protect your art from damage during the moving process.
When possible, pack your artwork in moving crates or boxes instead of using regular cardboard boxes, as it’ll help protect them from any accidental damage that may occur during transit.

Pack Your Art in the Correct Order

When packing your art, pack it in the correct order so that everything is easily accessible when you’re ready to unpack. This will help avoid any unnecessary damage caused by moving heavy items around!
Also, take into account your art’s size and weight. This will help you pack everything more efficiently and avoid damage during transit.

Take Pictures and Videos of All Your Artwork

Take pictures and videos of all your artwork before moving day so you can document any damage that may occur during transit. This will also help resolve a dispute with the moving company if something happens during the move.
It can be helpful to have a picture of where each piece was originally located. This will help you put everything back the way it was before moving!

Label Your Boxes Carefully

When packing your artwork for moving, label each box clearly with information about what is inside, so you don’t have to open every box when you reach your destination. This will also help the movers know what needs special care when moving into your new home or office space.
It’s also a good idea to include a copy of your moving inventory list in each moving box, as this will help you keep track of everything that is moving with you. This is especially helpful if any damage does occur during transit and you need to file an insurance claim.

Hire Professional Movers

It’s best to hire professionals who specialize in moving high-value items like artwork and antiques, as they will know how to pack them properly for transport without causing damage during transit or while moving into your new home or office space. Professionals also have access to moving equipment, making moving easier than ever before!
Some of the factors to consider when choosing a moving company include; experience handling antiques and fragile items, insurance coverage from accidental damage or loss during transit, and availability on short notice if needed – some movers only work weekends while others are available Monday through Friday during business hours.

You Can Trust Us to Move Your Precious Art Work Safely!

At Perfect Moving, we have years of experience moving high-value items and can move your precious artwork safely. Our movers are experts in packing specialty items properly for transport so you can relax knowing your art is in good hands! We also have insurance coverage for accidental damage or loss during transit. Contact us today to learn more about our services.