Tips for Moving Flat Panel TV: The Homeowner's Guide

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Tips for Moving Flat Panel TV: The Homeowner's Guide

Moving Flat Panel TV

Looking to move your flat panel TV but don’t know how? You’re in luck! This article is a comprehensive guide on how to move your flat panel TV without damaging it. We’ll provide you with tips and advice on how to safely transport your television, as well as what supplies you’ll need to get the job done. So, whether you’re moving across town or the country, read on for the best tips on moving your flat panel TV!

How to Safely Transport Your Television

Take Inventory of Your Television and Its Accessories

Before you start packing up your television, it’s important to take inventory of everything you’ll need to move. This includes your television itself, as well as any stands, mounts, or other accessories. Also, ensure you have all the cords and cables necessary to set up your TV in its new home. Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling to find them once you’ve unpacked.

Gather the Proper Supplies

Once you know all you need to move, it’s time to gather the proper supplies. You’ll need furniture pads, boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap or other protective materials.

Pack Your Television Carefully and Securely

The most important part of moving a flat panel TV is making sure it’s packed carefully and securely. Use furniture pads to protect the screen and any sensitive areas, then pack the television in a box with plenty of cushioning material.

Label Your Boxes

Make sure to label all your boxes with their contents and the room they should be delivered to. This will make unpacking a lot easier once you get to your new home.

Double Check Your Work

Once you’ve packed everything up, take a few minutes to go over it all again. Check that each box is properly labelled and that all the television’s components are accounted for. This way, you’ll avoid any surprises once you get to your new home.

Lift with Care

When lifting your flat panel TV, be sure to hold it securely at the base. Avoid holding the television by the screen, as this could cause damage. If possible, have two people lift the TV together to avoid dropping it.

At the same time, there are a few DONT’S you should be aware of:

Don't Try to Move Your Television by Yourself

It’s always better to have help. If possible, ask a friend or family member to assist you in moving your TV. Not only will this make the process easier, but it will also help to ensure that your TV is transported safely and without damage.

Never Move Your Television if It's Still Plugged In

Another thing you should never do is move your television if it’s still plugged in. This could cause electrical shock or even death. So, always unplug your television before moving it, no matter what.

Don't Pack the TV Too Tightly

If you pack the TV too tightly, it could damage the screen or cause other problems during transport. Be sure to use plenty of cushioning material between the TV and the sides of the box.

Don't Leave the Packing Until the Last Minute

If possible, start packing up your TV a few days before you move. This will give you plenty of time to do it correctly and avoid any last-minute stress.

Additional Advice

Now that you know how to move a flat panel TV, there are a few things to consider during the process.

Choose the Right Time of Day

Moving during cooler hours will help avoid any damage caused by heat exposure. If possible, try to avoid moving during peak sunlight hours.
You should also avoid moving your television if it’s wet or icy outside, as this could cause the screen to shatter.

Be Careful with Screen Placement

When setting up your television in your new home, be sure to place it away from windows and direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can cause permanent damage to your screen over time.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

It can take a little time to get used to your new television placement. Give yourself a few days to adjust the angle and position of your screen until you find the perfect spot.
With these tips in mind, you can move your flat panel TV easily and without any damage!

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