What can go wrong with moving a piano & why you should leave the job to Perfect Moving

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What can go wrong with moving a piano & why you should leave the job to Perfect Moving

Piano Moving in NYC

Moving a piano is no simple feat

So, you’re looking to move your piano in the near future? That’s fantastic! Whether you need to move the piano to your new home, a new school, a new music studio, a new concert hall, or any other loving home, be sure you do it the right way. There are technical steps available to move any piano or instrument, but remember, this is a job for professionals.
If you want to absolutely ensure that your piano is moved safely and that nothing wrong or catastrophic occurs, then the solution is waiting with your friends here at Perfect Moving. We guarantee that we will treat your piano carefully, like the treasure it is, and that we’ll move it efficiently and without a scratch. Read on for some piano moving risks and why they won’t happen under our care.

The challenges of moving a piano

Even as larger objects and musical instruments go, the piano is one of the more difficult ones to move correctly. Unless the object of the move is a smaller electric keyboard (which still needs care and attention!), you are going to be dealing with potentially hundreds of pounds of complex, expensive, and valuable music machinery here. This is nothing to sneeze at.
When moving a piano, you lack many of the easier aspects of moving even other large and expensive instruments or objects. You have to safely move the piano, and with a grand piano that involves disassembly and safely moving 4-6 separate valuable pieces, and do it without losing balance or allowing a scratch.
You need to be able to not just lift hundreds of pounds of expensive music making, but also potentially have the delicate balancing skills of an artisan. Moving the right way is a true craft, after all. You also must have the correct gear to ensure the piano and its various parts stay completely still in your moving bed; any movements on the road can end in scratches, dents, or worse.

What can go wrong with the move (Murphy’s Piano)

It’s the stuff of nightmares, but we will briefly explore the world of all of the things which can go awry with the moving of a piano. So, what can go wrong?
  • You don’t know how to disassemble a grand piano and leave all parts of it intact for the move. – This could lead to a myriad of moving maladies. It would be far more difficult to safely strap down a piano with its legs upright, which could lead to any bump in the road cracking or breaking them. Putting it whole its side also carries a similar risk: any sudden road disturbances could harm the legs, and it isn’t likely to fit on its side in most moving trucks.
  • You don’t measure or measure properly beforehand. – It is so crucial to measure everything ahead of time, no matter what, and to get a plan of action. You could risk banging the piano into a doorway and damaging one of the two, or both, and same goes for going up or down a staircase or into an elevator.
  • Improper loading, lifting, moving, and strapping. – You need to treat the piano like the treasure it is. It may be a behemoth in size, but in actuality it is quite fragile. If you don’t wrap it in the right protective gear (blankets/wrapping, etc.), lift correctly, and strap it down tightly and completely in your van bed, then it is all too easy for it to scrape, drop, or hit something else, leading to scratches, dents, or even structural damage.

Why the move won’t go wrong with Perfect Moving

The good news is that, when you call Perfect Moving, none of these negative piano-moving risks will ever again have to even be on your radar! We apologize for these triggering and nerve-wracking piano-damaging scenarios, but it’s important to inform all of the risks of piano moving, especially when taken out of the hands of trained professionals. Rest assured, one call to the right movers, specifically Perfect Moving, will make this whole list irrelevant, null and void.
Our dedicated and trained team of moving experts will do all of the right things and work harder for you: we’ll take measurements carefully, wrap and disassemble carefully, move carefully, and ensure that your piano makes it to its destination safe, sound, and without as much as a single scratch on it. Out movers are experts in any move and we’re excited to show you why we’re the #1 trusted mover when it comes to pianos and all instruments!


You should never have to be stressed when it comes to moving any of your valuables, even those as large and fragile as a piano. Perfect Moving is confident that we can handle yours, and any piano moving mission with efficiency, patience, and with the highest quality you will ever find in these United States. How could you ever go with someone else?
Move your piano with safety and with confidence when you choose to go with Perfect Moving. Treat your piano right.