Greenhouse Move from Forest Hills to Greenpoint

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Greenhouse Move from Forest Hills to Greenpoint

My Green Move with Perfect Moving

When Perfect Moving & Storage Became My Greenhouse's Best Friend

I never thought I’d say this, but moving my entire greenhouse from Forest Hills in Queens to Greenpoint in Brooklyn was a breeze, thanks to Perfect Moving.

As a horticulturist, my greenhouse is my lifeblood. It’s filled with a myriad of delicate plants, intricate propagation equipment, and a customized irrigation system. It’s a delicate ecosystem that I was dreading to disrupt. But Perfect Moving & Storage handled it with such precision and care that I was left in awe.
One of the highlights of the experience was their knowledge of handling my botanical babies. They carefully packed each plant, ensuring no leaf or root was damaged. They even had temperature-controlled trucks to ensure my tropical plants were comfy during the move. Now, that’s attention to detail!
The movers were also really efficient in disassembling and reassembling my irrigation system. By the time I made it to my new place in Greenpoint, they already had it up and running! I was also impressed with their organization skills while packing my propagation equipment. Every item had its own labeled box which made unpacking a breeze.
Throughout the move, they maintained a friendly and supportive demeanor that helped lighten the mood. I must mention their patience in answering my numerous plant-related concerns.

Perfect Moving and Storage turned what I had anticipated to be a stressful move into a surprisingly enjoyable experience. For all the green thumbs out there planning a move, I can’t recommend Perfect Moving enough. They’re the real deal!