Quilt Maker Move from Forest Hills to Park Slope

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Quilt Maker Move from Forest Hills to Park Slope

A Seamstress' Moving Tale

The Incredible Move of My Quilting Studio with Perfect Moving & Storage

I recently found myself having to move my entire quilting studio, a daunting task given the numerous rolls of fabric, patterns, and sewing machines. Naturally, I was anxious about moving. But everything changed when I engaged Perfect Moving & Storage.

As soon as I contacted them, they were nothing short of understanding and professional. I can’t stress enough how comforting it was to feel that they were not just movers, but partners in this journey.
The day arrived, and to my surprise, they showed up right on time at my place in Forest Hills. Their team was incredibly organized, they even brought specially designed fabric boxes and sewing machine cases! To say I was impressed would be an understatement.
Watching them meticulously wrap, pack and label everything with such care was nothing short of a spectacle. The way they coordinated was like a well-rehearsed ballet, each move precise and in rhythm. It was then I realized that they were not just moving my belongings; they were moving my life’s work.
Arriving in Park Slope, they took as much care setting up my new studio as they did disassembling it. They handled each fabric roll, each pattern, each sewing machine as if it was their own. By the time they left, my studio was more organized than when they found it!
The whole experience was not just a move; it was a transition handled with such care and professionalism that I could hardly believe it. Perfect Moving & Storage turned what could have been a stressful experience into a truly satisfying event. I couldn’t recommend them more for anyone in need of moving services in NYC.

I’m thrilled to be starting my new journey in Park Slope, thanks to Perfect Moving & Storage.