Looking For Commercial Storage? Read This First

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Looking For Commercial Storage? Read This First

Commercial Storage in NYC

There comes a time in any business’ life cycle when you may be looking for some help storing your assets.
The good news is that most places have plenty of options at your disposal. A simple search of storage in NYC will yield countless results.
The problem, and what most business owners struggle with is choosing the facility that can effectively offer what you need. So before you start your search, here are a few things you need to consider for commercial storage in NYC.

Company Reputation

First off, you should vet the storage facility and make sure it can be trusted with your business assets. In most cases, companies looking for commercial storage options will need a safe and climate-controlled place to keep any type of valuable items:
Essentially, you want to make sure the company itself offers quality and reliability on top of storing services. To get a better sense of the company’s reputation, you can simply look for online reviews and see what other companies’ experience was with them.


Most businesses will need to have easy access to the assets they store. You may need to drop something else off at one point or retrieve an important document from storage, so consider accessibility a top priority.
So search for storage units in your area that can also allow you to stop by your unit at convenient times. Some facilities will offer you the freedom of simply going by your unit whenever you need, others may restrict access for security reasons.

Full-Service Storage

Companies looking to streamline this process further should look for full-service storage services that do more than simply offer the space to keep your assets.
With full-service storage, you can also access a simpler way to drop off and pick up your assets. Storage companies will essentially handle the transport of your assets safely, and in some cases can even help you properly pack your assets to ensure they are stored properly.

Opt for a Larger Unit

Since it’s unlikely you’ll leave your assets in storage untouched, you should be looking for a larger unit that can allow you to properly organize your assets.
Again, it’s about having easy access to it, and it’s much easier to stay organized when you have the space to do it. You can create an internal layout and strategically group your assets based on different categories to help you easily find anything you need, whenever you need it.

Analyze Storage Security

Since we are talking about business assets, the security of the storage units is really non-negotiable. Apart from locking the unit with a key, storage companies can have extra layers of protection, such as CCTV cameras monitoring the entrance of the unit, ways to restrict access, and even measures to protect the units in case of flooding, fire, and other such disasters.
To get a better sense of these security measures, you can ask the company for a walk-through, so their teams can present the entire process.

Confidently Store Your Business Assets with Perfect Moving

No matter why you need commercial storage in NYC, all business owners want that peace of mind that their assets are protected.
And we at Perfect Moving are here to help you confidently store your prized business assets in a safe, highly-secured, and controlled environment. As a full-service storage company, our team can handle the entire process from A-Z, for your convenience.
Get a free estimate for your commercial storage now, or call us at (212) 601-2721.